This was a hand written letter 

To My Amazing Family!

Holy Cow I can’t even believe I’m sitting in the MTC right now.  It is seriously better than I ever imagined it would be! I LOVE this place and I haven’t even been here 24 hours yet.  First off I’m really glad I don’t have to ever go through the drop off ever again… That was so hard! Harder than I ever thought, but right when I stepped into the building I felt such a strong spirit and instantly felt so much better about leaving! I hope you guys are all doing alright! I am so so happy to be here and can’t wait to see what the rest of the weeks brings!  So I walked in and told them my last name and I found out that the girl checking me in was in Jessica’s first grade class forever ago! HaHa! I thought that was funny.  It’s always a good day when someone recognizes Horgesheimer. 🙂  After checking in I went straight to class and all my district was there already!  I lucked out with the girls (crossed out) SISTERS ( I keep getting in trouble for not using last names) that I was put with!  I love them all soooo much!  We were all instantly best friends.  We have been laughing and studying together all day!  I love them all and they have made this first day a lot easier for me! 🙂  My companion is the best!  She is the one who Taylor and Alayna know from Mesa.  We both get along so well and I have already learned so much from her.  Oh her name is Sister Smith.  She still doesn’t know how to say my name but it’s alright.  She danced and did cross country in high school.  She is one who runs 7-8 miles on a daily basis so I’m feeling blessed that I only have 30 mins of gym time so I can hopefully keep up with her. HaHa!! I hope we can be comps again in Tacoma.  She’s awesome!!  The other sister going to Tacoma is Sister Boone.  She is Tanner Mulstein’s cousin (Boy from WX) Tanner told her about me so she instantly recognized me when I walked in.  Love Her! 🙂  The rest of the sisters in my district are going to the Denver Colorado North Mission.  Sister Anderson, Sherman, and Hoopes.  Sister Hoopes looks identical to Ashleigh Townsend!! She is a crazy runner too.  I’m not sure where the rest of the Tacoma people are but I’ll meet them soon I’m sure!  For classes today we kinda just learned about the MTC.  I think teaching starts tomorrow and I’m so excited.  I saw Will right when I walked in which was fun.  Alright now for spiritual experiences.  There have already been so many.  First go read Matthew 19:29.  They read that to us right when we got here to help us all stop crying. HaHa.  Our teacher is Brother Bryan and he is great.  We have the same class and teacher the whole two weeks which I am so happy about. 🙂  We went around the room and introduced ourselves and told why we are all on missions and the goal of the night was to study our purpose of being a missionary.  That’s been good 🙂  I think the best part was when we all sang the Armies of Helaman.  I love that song so much and it was super powerful.  I love the spirit that is always around this place.   It’s like BYU times 10!  I love it here!  Well gotta go to bed now.  I’ll write more later.  My P-Day is Saturday! 2 Days! Whooo!!  I love you all so much!  I miss you guys like crazy but I am loving it so far and I’m so excited for what’s ahead!


Sister Horgesheimer