I love you all so much!!!
Washington is amazing! I am loving it here so much! It is so pretty and there are trees everywhere bigger than I’ve ever seen in my life!!!  I feel like I’m living in girls camp because of all the trees! I am in the Olympia Zone which is like 45 minutes outside of Tacoma. Our area is huge which is super nice for tracking. We were assigned two wards, a Family Ward and a YSA ward. So I have been feeling right at home with all the FHE and institute classes that I’ve been to this week! I love having both wards but 6 hours of church is a little rough… I was at the church from 7 AM to 5 PM last night. So we are living in a pool house behind a members house and it is a little small and has no heater, blinds or carpet… IT IS FREEZING!!! Oh well we have a fire place luckily but I really miss carpet! President said he is working on getting us a new apartment which will be a lot better I think! I have been so blessed to have the most amazing trainer in the entire world. Her name is Sister Wilkins and she is from Springville Ut. I seriously want to be just like her in pretty much everyway! Her love for everyone is so amazing and she has the most sincere testimony and I have learned so much from her in only like 6 days! AHHH SHE IS BEYOND AMAZING!!! We get along so well and are always laughing together. We go knocking every night from 5 to 7 and we have found so much success this week! I’m getting really good at these doorstep conversations now! 🙂 We have 7 new investigators this week and I’m so excited to start teaching lessons! Coolest thing ever! The first night I was here we went knocking and the very first house let us in and we were able to get a return appointment with them! I was dying that we found an investigator on my very first house ever!! CRAZY!! Haha! My knuckles are seriously bruised from how many doors we’ve knocked in the last 6 days but Sister Wilkins says it won’t hurt anymore in a few weeks because I’ll be so used to it! Haha hopefully she’s right because my hand seriously hurts! Oh my heck it freaking snowed here this week! It hasn’t snowed here in 3 years and of course when I get here it decides to snow! It was beautiful on all the trees through and it has already melted so it was alright! 🙂 My mission president and his wife are seriously the nicest people on the entire planet!! I LOVE them so much and am so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had to learn from them this week! We had a fireside last night where the missionaries all sing for the stake and it was probably the most spiritual night of my life (I know I always say that but this one was seriously the best) I love how much our mission president loves music! We sing so much and the spirit is so strong with all the missionaries singing their hearts out!! I love this mission so much and it’s only been a week! When I first got here it was so hard and I felt so inadequate and there still are those hard times but it gets better and better every day! I am learning that there is no way anyone could ever do this alone! I have learned to rely on my Savior more than ever this week and it has strengthened my testimony so much in this gospel! I know that God hears our prayers and that he is always there to help me when I’m struggling! I love being a missionary and I’m so excited for what this week has in store for me!
Have an amazing week! I love you all so much!! 🙂
Sister Horgesheimer
PS my address for the next few weeks is 4124 Hunter Mill Ln NE. Olympia WA 98516