It has been another amazing week here in Washington! I am loving my mission more and more every day!! We have had some amazing miracles happen this week and I feel so blessed to be apart of them!! We have put 5 people on date for baptism this week and it has been amazing! I can’t even believe how good things have been going! I love my investigators more than anything and I am so happy for them! So first is a married couple Jesus and Crystal. They were just married in November and were just talking about how they wanted God to be in their lives more and then 10 minutes later we knocked on their door! It’s seriously amazing how God prepares people! We have had 2 lessons with them and they came to church on Sunday! Not only did they love church but they made friends with a cute couple in our ward and we have been able to have lessons at their house which has been great! Last night we taught about the Plan of Salvation and they loved that lesson. It meant a lot to them and I know that they were able to feel God’s love for them! 🙂 They were on date for March 1st but Jesus is in the military and has to go out of town for some training so we have to move their date back to the end of March which was a bummer. They are both so amazing though and I’m so excited for them! Next is a cute family. The mom’s name is Samon and she has 3 super cute girls. The oldest is nine and loves leaning about the gospel! Samon’s mom is a member so they have been familiar with the church but have never been interested until now. I LOVE teaching their cute family! We have had 2 lessons with them also and the spirit is always so strong in their home. They are on date for March 8th and are super excited about it. 🙂 We have also been teaching a man named Gary! I love this guy! He has been through three sets of missionaries and has been to church over 15 times but still doesn’t feel good about being baptized… We have been working with him and trying to help him through his doubts and concerns. One of them being that he can’t stop smoking… We had a super powerful lesson last week about the atonement and we got the bishop to talk to him and I think that helped a ton. We asked him to pray about getting baptized on March 15th and he said he would! We’re going back their tonight to check up and I’m super excited!! 🙂 I LOVE teaching! The spirit truly is the teacher and it has been so amazing to witness that this week! 🙂
So the rain here is insane!!!! I haven’t seen the sun since last Wednesday no joke and it has been pouring non stop! Haha It was super fun getting drenched the first few days but it’s starting to get old now… haha Oh well I still love it here in Washington! 🙂 So super funny story! We went knocking last week and found a guy who claimed he was blind when he opened the door so he couldn’t talk to us… Haha I got so excited because I thought I might be able to relate with him. So we were talking and I could tell he was feeling super uncomfortable and eventually he slammed the door and said “alright you win. I’m not really blind but don’t come here ever again.” haha I made him feel pretty stupid! So I can guarantee he won’t be using the “I’m blind” excuse anymore. haha it was so funny! 🙂 Well that’s about it for this week! It has been awesome!!! Once again I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! AND I LOVE THE WA-TAC!! This mission is the best!! 🙂 Hope you guys are all doing well! I love you and am always praying for you!
Love Sister Horgesheimer