This is a hand written letter from last week.  We got it late since we’ve been out of town

Dad & Mom

Thank You for the letter you left in my bag!  I just found it a few days ago but it made me so happy when I did.  Dad stop sending me money haha Seriously I feel guilty for how spoiled I am! I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but Thank You.  I also really liked how it was on a “Merry Christmas” card.  Best thing ever!!  I seriously can’t even begin to explain how amazing President Weaver is!  I love him and his wife so much.  They are the most amazing couple in the world.  He is gonna be the next person in line to be a general authority.  No joke!  I’m already dreading the day that they leave because I love them so much.  We have to memorize scriptures and sections of PMG every week as a mission and it has been helping me so much in our teaching.  Another thing that they do is on each Sunday night we have a big mission conference call were President call’s everyone at the same time and shares a spiritual message for the week.  Oh and the firesides that I talked about in the email last week Ahh they are Amazing!  So Pres/Sister Weaver love music and once a month the mission puts on a fireside for all the different stakes in the mission that consists of all the missionaries in a few zones singing for the whole meeting.  There are some testimonies and solos that are mixed in too.  It is the most spiritual thing I’ve ever been to in my life.  We closed with Amazing Grace and everyone is always in tears because the spirit is so strong.  Our new President better continue the firesides or it’s gonna be pretty sad.  So ya, hopefully you get the picture but those are some of the reasons why President Weaver is the best. Go check their blog because I know there should be pictures of me on there soon.  Olympia has been great so far!  I love our ward and they are all so nice and willing to help us out.  The dinner list is always full of people wanting to feed us.  It’s been great.  We have tons of part member families in our ward who we are working with also which has been fun.  Our YSA ward is also fun.  Dad I thought your ward was a little crazy but let’s just say YSA wards not in Utah reach an entire new level.  It’s definitely a lot different here in Washington.  There are a lot of people in your ward who remind me of people in this ward.  There is a guy just like little John  They would be best of friends!!  I’ll send a picture of him some time.  I’m loving Olympia so far.  We’ve found so much success from knocking every night.  The Lord has prepared some amazing people for us.  I’ll write more about them in my next email.  I absolutely love teaching.  It isn’t scary at all especially with the spirit’s help.  I’ve learned that the spirit is the true teacher anyways!  Oh my gosh! The rain here is insane.  I haven’t seen the sun in 6 days.  Knocking in the rain is so much fun though. No one has a driveway…They are all long dirt paths so that is not always fun walking up muddy paths, but it’s worth it.  I’m growing to love 5 to 7 knocking especially in the rain.  Well P-Day is almost over but I just had to tell you that I love you!  I never imagined it’d be so hard to be away from you guys!  I miss being able to call when ever I want but it’s alright.  I’m busy with things to keep my mind off it!  I love you so much your in my thought and prayers everyday.


Sister Kelli Horgesheimer

PS  If you have any good conference talks send them over!  I love studying talks in the morning but I only have a few that I printed before I left


Missionary fireside