Well it’s kinda been a slow week again… But that’s alright because this week is going to be the best week ever! I’m so excited to get to work! We have lessons with 4 new investigators scheduled for today and tomorrow and we are still working with a few progressing investigators who are on date for baptism! So I have learned soooo much this week about recognizing the spirit! As a mission we studied chapter 4 of PMG this week and it was about recognizing the spirit. I have felt like I’ve been struggling with recognizing the spirit especially in giving me direction of where to go or what to say in the last few weeks and that is something I’ve been praying about and this week my prayers were answered so strongly! I read a scripture in D&C 31:11 and I learned that I need to trust my self more and then the spirit will help me in confirming or denying my decision. So I decided to stop worrying about if it was the spirit or a random thought in my head and I have decided to trust myself. Oh my gosh so many miracles have happened from trusting myself and letting the spirit confirm my decisions. I have felt the spirit’s power more then I ever have in my life before. We went knocking on Tuesday and we randomly just went to a street like we always do but I had the feeling to start on the right side of the street and so we did! We knocked into a man named Dan and he was right on his way to the hospital! He didn’t tell us the whole story but I asked if we could leave him with a quick prayer before he had to leave! After the prayer he said he had never felt anything so peaceful in his life and he knew he needed to make some changes in his life so he could have that feeling more often! He thanked us over and over for coming right at the time where he needed us most!  It was amazing how the spirit touched his life! We have gone back there a few times and he has opened up to us more and more each time and I’m so excited to be working with him! If we started on the other side of the street we would’ve missed him and probably wouldn’t have ever found him! He is so prepared to hear the gospel and Heavenly Father knew that and I know that’s why I felt so strongly to go to that side of the street first. I love how the spirit works and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to recognize it so much more this week! Well I have to go but I love you all so much! Sorry I have no pictures this week…  Have a great week!!
Love Sister Horgesheimer
PS We moved this week and my new address is
606 Lilly Rd NE Apt. 425
Olympia WA 98516