Well I’m going to be honest this week has been so hard…but It has also been the most rewarding because I have learned so many lessons that I probably wouldn’t have learned other wise! We have met some super rude people and it has not been easy having the motivation to keep working when people are so negative and rude… Every door slammed in our face only makes our testimonies stronger though! ūüôā It kills me to think that these people¬†are missing out on such an amazing gift that the gospel can bring to their lives… After a hard week I had the most amazing night last night at the missionary music fireside. The fireside was all about Christ and someone said a quote that really helped me out! “Not only does Christ know what your pains are, but he has also¬†felt every pain as well.” Yes this may be¬†pretty obvious quote but last night I felt so strongly how much Jesus Christ really does love me and how true this quote really is.¬†I know he has felt all my pains and I know I can always lean on him! His love is always there for us, all we need to do is have faith in him¬†and lean on him and I know he will help us through¬†any of our pains.¬†I’m so grateful Sister Weaver let us go to the fireside last night!
We had 2 miracle referrals from the ward this week! We found two part member families who were interested¬†who are awesome! I can’t wait to start teaching them! More good news! Our golden investigators Jesus and Crystal will be back in town this weekend after a month of being gone! I’m so excited to start working with them again! They are so amazing! The best news of the week though was during our lessons with Gary!! He is doing so well and is progressing more and more each week! I know he’s going to get baptized soon! He hasn’t smoked in a whole week! When he told me that I seriously had to fight back tears because I was sooooo happy for him! The Lord is helping him in so many ways and it is so cool to see that!
Well this is the last week of the transfer and I’m freaking out for transfer calls on Saturday night… I hope I stay in Olympia with Wilkins more than anything! We still have so much to do! But I will do whatever the Lord needs me to because I know that he knows where I need to be way more than I do! I love you all! have an amazing week!! ūüôā
Love you
Sister Horgesheimer
This is the senior couple Elder and Sister Clarke! They have been the most amazing people in the entire world to work with! They are leaving this transfer and it is going to be so sad without them here… They remind me so much of Grandma Ann and Grandpa Mert and it has been the biggest blessing being able to have them so close! Elder Clarke is so much like Grandpa Mert and I know that I have been serving so close to him as a blessing from my Heavenly Father so that I could feel as if Grandpa Mert is here with me!¬†He has¬†the exact same sense of humor as Grandpa and¬†is¬†so loving and concerned about others¬†needs before¬†his own.¬†The Clarkes¬†are both such amazing missionaries!¬†Ahhh I love these two and I am going to miss them sooo much!!
This is June and Don! June just got Baptized a few months ago and she is 98 years old!!! SHE IS AMAZING! I’ll have to tell you all about their story later because I’m out of time! But I love these two so much!