This was a hand written letter

Hey Family!!

How is everyone?  I loved your emails today.  Thank you for always writing me through out the week too.  You have no idea how excited we get when there is mail in the mailbox!  Well like I said in the email we have met some crazy/super rude people this week which has been a downer… But we have also seen so much success and many miracles!  First off one of our awesome investigator S and her family (IZ is her daughter who I talked about in Bridget’s letter) they dropped us this week because S is going through some hard times with her husband.  I think they are getting divorced but it was so sad because IZ the 9 year old texted us and said her family was really struggling and is falling apart and she really wants us to keep praying for her.  This girl is seriously so cute and she loves praying and reading the scriptures and loves having us over but we can’t come until the family works out their problems. Ahh!!  It’s so hard seeing this cute family struggle.  Gary is still doing awesome!!  Michael is the Dad of a part member family and he is wanting to meet with us and investigate the Catholic Church at the same time which has been annoying.  We’ve got to get him reading the Book of Mormon.  Next we have the M Family the mom is a member but no one else is.  They have 4 kids ages 17 to 1 and we are meeting with them tomorrow.  I’m so excited.  They are a referral from our Relief Society Pres and it’s been so fun getting to know them.  The 17 yr old wants to be baptized before he’s 18 which is in April, so that was awesome news.  There’s a few others but those are our main investigators right now.  Our ward boundaries are changing this week and I think we have to give the YSA ward to the Elders which was sad 😦  So there’s all the mission updates.  Mom and Dad thank you so much for your letters in that package this week.  I loved everything you both said.  All those quotes and scriptures were exactly what I needed to hear.  Every week in District Meeting we have a sick scripture part where we share a “sick scripture” that we found that week.  HaHa!!:)  Mine was Mosiah 3:19  Dad this verse always reminds me of you cuz you love it so much.  But anyways I have learned so much about myself out here and am finding so many things I want to improve about myself.  I love how much I’m learning about Christ and I love learning how I can become more like him each day.  Wilkins has also taught me a lot.  Our personalities clash pretty easy sometime and when I’m mad I usually like to keep it to myself but this week we talked it all out and life has been so much better ever since!  I love how open we are now.  We are such great friends and I’m so grateful for everything I’m learning from her.
I have seen so many amazing families and so many broken families the last 5 weeks and it definitely has shown me what I’m looking for.  And all the Elders who I’ve been surrounded by lately are all such great guys.  I have definitely raised my expectations after seeing such great examples here in so many of the Elders.  It is awesome to see how missions change people.  I love how you guys have been talking about those Elders who have been to our house for dinner.  There is an elder in my district who dropped out of high school and wasn’t active in the church until about 5 months before his mission and he is now our Zone Leader and is one of the greatest examples of what a great missionary should be.  He knows the scriptures in and out.  He has the best attitude and is so focused on helping others.  His family isn’t going to recognize him when he goes home.  Our other Zone Leader was scheduled to go home early because he didn’t want to be here after about 3 months but he stayed and is now one of the other strongest missionaries I’ve seen after 14 months in the field.  I can’t even imagine what these 2 were like before because they are so great now.  I can’t wait to see the change in all my friends when we’re all home.  I hope that I grow into a better person in the next 17 months.  My goal is to do all I can each day to be better that I was the day before.  There are so many things I can do better and I honestly never realized any of these things before my mission.  This is why I love studying about Christ because through his perfect example I can always find things to improve on!  I’m in 2 Nephi 4 and it’s where Nephi talks about how he has so much to improve and every time I think about that I always wonder how Nephi one of the most amazing people in the Book of Mormon could say he has so much to work on.  He is seriously so perfect already.  It shows that we all need to be humble before the Lord and no matter how great we think we are, we need to always strive to be better.  I love the Book of Mormon so much.  Well unfortunately time is up.  Love you family!! You guys don’t even know how amazing you are and how blessed I am to have all the love and support that I do.  Have another great week.

Love You Guys xoxo

Sister Horgesheimer

PS I gave you the wrong Zip Code last week it’s 98506  Hopefully that isn’t a problem! Also tell the Seljaas Family I love them!  I was going to write them and say thanks for the cute package but I’m out of time.  Anyways they are awesome.  Oh and the Alldredges also!! I never wrote them back for the cute Valentines package!  I know I’m a month late… Just tell everyone thank you and I love them!! 🙂

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