Hello Everyone!
Once again we had another great week up in PA! The best news is that it is sunny today!! I never thought I’d ever miss seeing a blue sky so much but I do! I’m never going to take a blue sky for granted ever again when I get home! Haha so it’s been amazing to see the sun today! So we had the slowest week ever! Seriously every appointment we had scheduled fell through so it felt like nothing got done this week… But we still kept ourselves busy! We knocked doors pretty much all day every day this week! I love knocking doors so much now! We always meet such fun people! Haha! We found a few new people who were interested in talking to us which was awesome! Hopefully we get to meet with them this week and get a few of them progressing!
Conference was AMAZING!!!! I hope everyone got to watch it! Wow I have never learned so much from conference in my life! I thought it was so cool how so many talks were focused on love. Loving everyone just as Christ did! I can’t wait to reread them all next month!
Sorry guys I wish I had more to say about the week but I don’t… Things are going great! Living every day to the fullest and doing all we can to bring people to Christ! There is nothing better than this work and I’m loving it! I love you all so much!!

Love Sister Horgesheimer 🙂


These are our awesome neighbors! Haha and no I don’t live in a retirement home! 🙂 I love these people so much though! We have adopted Lee to be our Port Angeles Grandma! She is the one on the far left! We get her mail and help her with her flowers everyday and she always makes us yummy food! She is so great! We love Lee!


Look what we found at All A Dollar this week! Haha Dad this picture is for you!! 🙂 Love you!


Meet Sally the cow!! Hahaha.  Best picture I’ve ever seen.  Whenever your having a bad day just look at this picture and i promise you’ll feel better!!  We love working on the farm with A!!

A part of Kelli’s letter to her Family

So our miracle family had to reschedule their appointment this week so we didn’t get to meet with them last week! I was so sad… She has a special needs son and they just found a tumor behind his ear so they’ve been really stressed out with that situation… Ahh this family is in the middle of a lot right now but she is so excited to learn about the gospel! 🙂 I’m so glad everyone liked conference!! IT WAS AMAZING!! I loved every talk and learned so much on how I can be a better missionary! 🙂 So many of the talk were just what my investigators needed too and I was so grateful for that! Wilkins told me Gary is so close to getting baptized and I’m so excited for that! Idk when it’ll happen yet but it should be soon I think! I miss Gary so much!