It has been another amazing week! I think I probably say that every week but this one really was so great!! 🙂 We taught so many lessons this week and had a great time with finding new investigators too! It has been so good to be busy teaching again! It feels like we haven’t had a solid lesson with an investigator in weeks but this week we found so many teaching opportunities. We started off the week with a church tour with our awesome new investigator Joy. I have been so anxious to take someone on a church tour ever since I’ve been in the Wa-Tac because I always hear from so many missionaries how successful they are. It went so great and we were able to teach her so much about the restoration and baptism and our Sunday services. She softly committed to baptism which was super exciting! Sister Gehring and I talked about how it went after and we both decided that we need to be more brave with our baptism commitments. Haha. Ugh I don’t know why it scares me but putting someone on date for baptism on the first lesson still feels a little pushy for me! I’ll work on being better at that! Haha. We are going down to Salt Creek today with Joy for our P-day and we are so excited. I have no idea what Salt Creek is but everyone has been talking about it recently so we have been waiting for an opportunity to go! I’ll send pictures next week!
We found an awesome lady knocking the other day named Elaina and she has been sooo much fun to work with. She has so many great questions about our beliefs and has really been searching. After we left she told us she was on for so long reading all about our beliefs. When we came back she asked if we could go through all the Articles of Faith with her and we thought that was such a good idea and it made it so much easier to answer all of her thousands of questions. We were there for like 2 hours just answering questions and she loved and agreed with almost everything we had to say except for the commandment not to drink coffee… We’ll work on her with that one. Haha. I can’t wait to go back and teach her more! She is such an amazing lady and has been through so much but all her experiences have made her the strong person that she is today and she has been able to feel God’s hand in her life through it all.
I love you guys! Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing mothers in my life! I hope you guys all had a great day yesterday! Have an awesome week! 🙂


Haha only in Port Angeles would this bus be driving around selling shirts about Jesus! We had a 30 minute conversation with him and let’s just say he is not a very big fan of missionaries… Haha it was hilarious though!

Part of Kelli’s Letter to Family

That was such a fun night last night and I’m so glad I was able to talk to you guys! I don’t really have a lot to write on the email for the blog today so sorry if it’s short… But Wow I miss you guys so much but I am LOVING it here! I could live in Port Angeles forever if I was allowed to Skype you more then twice a year! Haha We are going to have so much fun together when you guys get to come visit my mission with me! I seriously have it all planned out!   I was laughing at Grandma’s email this morning with helping all the missionaries! I’m sure all the Elders and Sisters love having them around! And I’m still trying to imagine Grandma and Marlin knocking doors! Ahhh I wish they were in my mission that would be so fun to go with them. 🙂 Have a fun week! It sounds like you guys have a lot going on! 🙂 I love you soo much! Thank you for all you do for me!!


Kelli during our Skype phone call last night!!  That big smiles tells it all 🙂