What another great week! Nothing to exciting happened but we had one little miracle! I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about Meda before but she is absolutely my favorite person in Port Angeles! Sister Gehring and I knocked into her my 3rd night in PA and she let us in and we instantly became such great friends with her. She is 85 and she lives alone so she absolutely loves when we come over so that she has some company! This lady seriously has had the coolest life! She is an amazing photographer and has traveled all over the world and has taken some of the prettiest pictures that I’ve ever seen! She printed some of them off for us last week which was so nice of her! So every time we have gone over there we have shared a mini spiritual thought and have talked the rest of the time. We have been so anxious lately to start teaching her the lessons but we didn’t know how to approach it because we didn’t want her to turn us away! We’ve been praying about it for a while and a miracle happened this week! When we got to her house the first thing she said to us was “Girls we really need to talk about this book that you left with me!” It was the Book of Mormon! Ahhh perfect opportunity to bring up the restoration and the Book of Mormon! It seriously worked out so great and she loved what we told her about Joseph Smith and how he translated the records. She has been reading a chapter every day since that lesson and we committed her to come to church with us this week too! I am so excited for her! She is AMAZING!!!
Last night was our last music fireside with President and Sister Weaver and it went so well! I’m going to miss these firesides more than anything! Sister Weaver called me on Saturday night and asked if I would bear my testimony at this fireside. Holy cow I have never been so nervous in my entire life! You’d think by now that bearing my testimony would be nothing but speaking in front of 120 amazing missionaries and a whole chapel full of people was one of the most intimidating things I’ve ever done! Haha! I think it went alright but I am so glad to have that over with! It was such a special night and a great fireside to end on! 🙂
We have transfers again this week and I am so scared to find out what’s gonna happen… I can’t even explain how fast time is flying by! I feel like this transfer just started last week! It is so crazy!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Love Sister Horgesheimer

Part of Kelli’s letter to her Family

I love at the end of your email you talked about the piano is a calling that makes you stretch! We’ve been talking a lot about that recently! President always says “If your feeling comfortable then get uncomfortable” Haha he’s so funny! What he means by this is that the only way we can truly progress is by doing things that scare us and things that aren’t easy! My biggest fear is talking to everyone I pass by on the streets while we are walking around… It is so awkward sometimes but every time I let someone pass by without saying anything it always makes me feel so guilty because what if that person who I didn’t talk to wanted to hear the gospel… Ya it’s not always easy but this work isn’t meant to be so you gotta stretch yourself and just to it! Thanks again for everything! I love you!!!! Have a great first week of summer!!!