Hey!!! This week has been so great! It is finally summer in Washington and it has been amazing! This is the first week where I haven’t had to wear a jacket and it has been so nice! Sadly because it is summer no one is ever home so things have been slowing down a lot lately… Things are still going great though so I can’t complain!
D is doing amazing! We had two lessons with him this week and he has been making so much progress! This is my first solid investigator that I’ve been able to teach on my mission so far and it has been the most amazing experience for me! I thought I loved missionary work before but this is honestly what it’s all about! Being able to see the change in people as they learn to recognize the spirit and become closer to our Savior! I LOVE IT!! We taught him all about repentance and baptism this week and he is so anxious to be baptized and so he can repent and be able to have a clean slate. He has told us so many times how excited he is to have the Holy Ghost with him all the time so he can get away from the temptations of the devil! D is awesome! We had him on date for this weekend but we had to push it back a week so we can finish all the lessons and make sure he is 100% ready! Such a great week of teaching!
Sorry this is a short letter this week but I just wanted to leave a quick quote that I’ve been thinking a lot about this week having to do with faith! It’s from Elder Holland and he said “The size of your faith or the degree of your knowledge is not the issue, it is the integrity you demonstrate toward the faith you do have and the truth you already do know.” I loved this! Go ready Alma 32 27 also. I know that if we have that desire to know of the truth than God can work miracles within us to help our testimonies grow and to help our faith increase! I love you all so much!!!! 🙂
Love Sister Horgesheimer

Kelli’s letter home

I am seriously so happy right now that you guys got to go to the Weavers homecoming !!! AHHHH I LOVE THE WEAVERS SOOO MUCH!!!! I am so glad you got to experience Amazing Grace and a little bit of what a fireside is like! Can you imagine how great zone conferences are! We get to listen to the Weaver’s for 6 hours straight! I miss them so much! The pianist and the guy on the Cello just left last transfer so we were all sad about that! Those two elders are amazing!! 🙂 I have been thinking about you guys all week! I can’t wait to go to the lake next year with you! I miss it so much! I’m so glad you guys had an awesome time though! All the pictures were really cute! We have transfer calls on Saturday… Olson thinks I’m leaving but I’m praying that I stay for one last transfer! We’ll see what happens… I honestly have no idea! If President weaver was here I think I’d be staying but I have no idea how Pres Blatter does things yet! The whole mission is way anxious to find out what he’s gonna do! Haha! We were supposed to have interviews but they got canceled last week so hopefully we will get to meet president Blatter this week. I am heading up to forks this afternoon with a member and we are going to La Push so I gotta go but I love you so much! Have an awesome week! You guys are the best! Thanks again for making it to the weaver’s homecoming! I’m so glad you were able to experience how awesome the Wa-Tac really is! I LOVE this mission so much!