Well I have some great news! Sister Olson and I are staying together for another 6 weeks in the blessed land of Port Angeles!! Whoooo!!! We are way excited to do some awesome things this transfer! We have had such a great week. We had exchanges this week with the Silverdale sisters and it was one of my favorite exchanges so far. I always look forward to learning all that I can from our amazing STL’s and I learned so much this week from Sister Baird down in Silverdale. I was able to meet one of their incredible investigators who is so prepared to be taught the gospel. We walked in her house and found her watching the Restoration video and following along in the Joseph Smith history. Then when we got to talking she was just so curious and ready to learn! Her questions were amazing! I seriously thought I was dreaming while I was in there because I had no idea that there was such a thing as an investigator who was that prepared for the gospel. It was unbelievable how everything in her life has brought her right to this point at this time for the missionaries to bring her into the church. I know that our Heavenly Father set this miracle up perfectly and that it was no coincidence. 🙂 From that amazing night I learned that I need to raise my faith and my expectations. We had an awesome zone conference a few transfers ago about how extraordinary faith combined with extraordinary effort brings extraordinary miracles and results. I have been working really hard recently to set my expectations high. I know God will place those people in our path if we have faith and are doing everything that we can to follow the promptings of the spirit.
We had a way cool miracle on Saturday morning. So the Elders in PA 2nd had a baptism and we have been working our hardest all week to make sure we got some of our investigators there to watch. So we called and got rides set up for 3 of our investigators and they all bailed the morning of course… Except for J, they guy we knocked into a few weeks ago who we had that awesome experience with during our prayer.. He showed up at the church with us at 10 and when we got there we found it was empty… Turns out the elders forgot to tell us that they changed the baptism to 5 that night. So this actually turned into a miracle because we were able to take J on a church tour and he loved it! There was such a special spirit there as he listened to the restoration and the first vision. Sadly he didn’t come to church yesterday but we know he felt the spirit as we were there. We will keep following up with him and hopefully get him to church this week because we can tell he truly is searching for the truth and he wants so badly to make a change in his life that will bring him closer to Christ.
Sadly D bailed on us 3 times this week so we weren’t able to set another baptismal date yet… Ugh the struggle of missionary work but life is still good! I have been reminded over and over this week that “no good deed goes unnoticed up in Heaven!” The Weaver’s told us that all the time and it has kind of been the theme of this weekend! God has a plan for us and he has a plan for his children who we are teaching and so we just need to trust him and keep working hard and I know without a doubt that everything will work itself out the way God wants it done! I love this work more than anything and I am so grateful for the all these amazing experiences that I have been able to learn from on my mission so far! There is honestly nothing in this entire world better than missionary work! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! 🙂

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A member took us out to Forks and La Push last Monday for P day!
And isn’t this the cutest picture you’ve ever seen! Hahaha!

Kelli’s Letter Home

Sounds like you guys have had another awesome week! That concert looked like it was way fun! 
I loved the thoughts that you shared from Sunday school yesterday! I’m excited to go study more about that because I have never really thought about that before how our battles are God’s battles. It is so true! Haha I love those light bulb moments! I feel like I’ve had a lot of them lately! Heavenly Father is definitely helping us out every step of the way! I love the 4 minute talk from this last conference too! When I read it I compared those four minutes to the time on my mission and it really helped me put into perspective how important it is to not waste any of this short time! It is such a good talk! I just finished reading all of the talks from last conference and I can’t wait to start over again! 🙂 We haven’t heard anything about the fires up here but I did hear about the flood at BYU-I. That looked pretty crazy!
So I got the best transfer call ever! Olson and I are staying together for another 6 weeks in PA!! We were so excited but we are so mad that we aren’t going to transfer meeting… All of the missionaries I’ve gotten close to are going home on Tuesday and it is going to be so weird without all of them around. We are way sad we don’t get to go say goodbye… 27 new missionaries are coming in and 23 are leaving! The Wa-Tac is about to get way young again. haha. Sister Gehring just got made STL (Sister Zone leader pretty much) so that was cool news! I’m way excited for her. Oh guess what we found out this week! Haha Sister Olson’s best friend from Arizona was Willes’s trainer in Taiwan. Crazy Huh! Small world! His name is Elder Westover. Well sadly I gotta go. I’ll try and send a letter today. I love you so much Mom!!!! Have another fun week in bear lake with the Horgesheimer’s