I honestly don’t know how to put this incredible week into words. Faith and patience, the rainbow at the end of the storm, THE BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION SO FAR!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank my Heavenly Father for everything he’s done for me this week! I have learned so much that has made my testimony grow more than I ever thought possible. Heavenly Father is there for us and is leading and guiding us along. I know that the hard and challenging times in our life are there for our good and more than anything I can testify that God truly does know how to help us best.
A few zone conferences ago, Pres. Weaver was making a joke that the people on 4th street needed some love up in PA. Haha we had just knocked it a few nights before when he told us that and we didn’t find anything to exciting. Sister Olson and I decided to re-knock it this week and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was! We found 4 new on that street that night! I have never found 4 new in only one day ever! It was absolutely amazing. Not only were they new investigators but they were some of the most prepared people I have ever met! First we met R and first thing he said when he opened his door was, “hey I have been looking for a church to go to here and I was wondering if you’d be able to get me a ride?” We were blown away. I have never had anyone ask to come to church on a door step before. We were able to set up a return appointment to teach him the restoration and when we went back we brought a member who offered to pick him up for church. The lesson went so great and we were very thankful to have this member there to add his testimony. He absolutely loved church yesterday and was already answering questions in gospel principals! It was so cool. Next we met a guy named B. He is by far the most prepared person I’ve ever met to receive the gospel so far on my mission. We sat down with him outside and answered questions for about 30 mins and kind of taught all 3 lessons in one right there. We left him with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and set up an appointment to meet with him the next day. The first thing he asked when we got there was, “how and when is the soonest I can I get baptized?” We talked to him a lot about baptism and after going over a few more things we asked if he would prepare to be baptized on the 16th of August. (I was secretly so excited that we might be having a baptism on my birthday Haha) and he said, Well do you think we could do the baptism on the 15th? (His Birthday Haha) Best birthday present both us of could ever ask for! šŸ™‚ He LOVED church yesterday and got to know a lot of new friends and was able to learn so much more from the amazing testimony meeting that we had in our ward. I can’t even explain what a miracle this is! Ever since I got to Port Angeles 5 months ago I just knew that there was someone who was ready and prepared to receive the gospel and we finally found him, no we were pretty much led to him! haha! SOOOO AMAZING!!! There has definitely been a turn of events in PA in the last week and all I can say is it 100 percent all came from our Heavenly Father! I know he loves us all and he is watching over us and is always guiding us to find happiness and success in our lives! I love you guys! Thanks again for everything! šŸ™‚



Sister K & Sister H Ā “The struggle of having to be called by your last name”