It was another great week in PA. I think I’ve decided that the theme of this transfer is “the future is as bright as your faith” from President Monson. I have learned more about faith in these past three weeks than ever before in my entire life. A few weeks ago while we were in the middle of a lot of discouragement I had an impression come to me that went something like, “Sister Horgesheimer, how much harder would you be working, and how much happier would you be if you knew that you would find your next baptism in the next week” That was one of the most powerful impressions I’ve been able to feel on my mission so far and I know that it came from my Heavenly Father and he really does know how to help us best. I just needed to have more faith to find. That week we found our golden investigator B. He is the most incredible investigator on the planet! We have stopped by his house every day this past week to teach him and prepare him for his baptism this Friday. Wow what a great experience it has been teaching him. Every time we pull up to his house we find him sitting on his lawn chair reading the BoM or studying one of the pamphlets we left with him. We were so stressed out about teaching the Word of Wisdom this week because we knew it might be difficult for him to stop drinking. After much prayer, study and faith we were able to have one of the most powerful lessons that I’ve had on my mission so far. He accepted everything in the WoW and he said he knew without a doubt that God would help him through because he knows this gospel can lead him to a better life and this is the best way to start. He has been doing so good with it and has been clean for a week now. He also paid his tithing yesterday, has finished 1/2 of the Book of Mormon and was also able to share a copy of the Book of Mormon with one of his friends who lives in Sequim! If that isn’t the most amazing investigator in the world I don’t know what its! Haha I love B and feel so blessed we were able to find him and have been so fortunate to help him come closer to Jesus Christ. I am still asking myself how I got so lucky to be able to teach this guy! I can’t even explain how excited I am for his baptism this week! I know it will be such a special experience for him as he is working so hard to repent and make a better life for himself.
Yesterday the Elders had such a cool baptism that we took B to. It was in the most beautiful lake ever. I have never seen a baptism done anywhere but a font so this was such a cool experience. The lady who got baptized has been investigating the church for 3 years and made the decision to be baptized a few days ago. There were over 20 missionaries there who were involved in teaching her so it was such a special night to see her enter the waters of baptism! 🙂
Have another great week! Love you all so much!!!!


Baptism at the Lake with B and one of our best friends K 🙂