Got a call last Sunday from a member of Kelli’s ward in Washington who offered to make her favorite dinner for her birthday. What wonderful people we have watching over our missionaries. Love the Hansen Family!!!!! They sent this message:

Hello Horgesheimers!

Your beautiful daughter and her companion just left our house after having a birthday dinner and asphalt pie. Thank you so much, Kristi, for sending the recipe for Beach Street Lemon Chicken. Kelli said she knew I’d called you when she walked in the house and could smell dinner. It was a fun surprise for her.

We sent the girls home with a DVD called “Of Greatest Worth” made by the St. Louis mission. Kevin loves it, and thought it would be a great missionary tool for them. They also went home with makings for salted caramel Italian sodas, a couple of new pairs of socks for Kelli, as well as half the asphalt pie. They plan to have a movie party later tonight.

What wonderful young women your daughter and Sister Olson are. They are such a joy to be with.

We saw pictures of the balloons and B-Day greetings you sent Kelli. She really is spoiled by your family. Lucky girl. Lucky us to have her here for a while.

Vicki H.

This makes not having Kelli here for her birthday a whole lot easier!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Hansen Family