Hey Everyone! 🙂 I learned a great lesson this week about not being judgmental… During Sister Olson’s and my first week together we knocked on a guys door named Miles. He said he would like to talk to us and that he had met with missionaries before but they just stopped coming. So we were very excited to go back but when we got to his house we realized why the old missionaries probably stopped coming over. His house is very chaotic… No joke he has about 15 killer cats and every time we are over there we are having to dodge all the flying cats jumping from couch to couch and all the cat fights going on all around us… It is pretty scary… Anyways, M knows his Bible very well and every time we try to bring up a point we would always get off topic from something he shared about what he had learned in the Bible during his studies. (that is never a bad thing but it does make teaching very hard) So we decided we would try a few more times and there was no improvement or progression. We had one of his books that he lent to us to look at for a few weeks and we were stuck one night this week with nothing to do so we decided we would go return M’s book. Before we went in we prayed that if we still needed to teach him that we would be able to find a way to continue forward. (We said that not even thinking twice about it) So when we got to the door M said he had been wondering when we would come back because he was interested in meeting with us at the church instead of his house so he could focus on our message. He said he really wanted to learn and understand what we had to say this time around. That right there was a miracle. We met at the church with the Hansen’s the next night and taught the restoration to him. We focused the entire lesson in the scriptures, especially the Bible and he really enjoyed it. He had one doubt though, He couldn’t accept that Joseph saw God the father. He believed Christ could appear but he questioned if God could. So we brought up the story of Steven in Acts and right then it just hit him so hard and he believed that Joseph Smith really could have seen the Father and the Son. That moment was so powerful and confirmed to me again that Joseph Smith truly is a prophet and that he did restore Christ’s church to the Earth in it’s fullness. It was such an incredible night. So the moral of this story is that we can’t ever judge anyone because we never know how they are being prepared. I read a quote a few days ago that said. “Unlikely candidate for conversion? Yes! A fit candidate for Salvation? Yes!” Salvation is not only for the prepared but it is for EVERYONE. Christ grace is sufficient for absolutely everyone and it is so very important that as missionaries we understand this and never deprive anyone from hearing this message because of our pride, fears or selfishness.
One more quick story. We have an eternal investigator up here who has been meeting with missionaries for about 3 years now and not a lot of progress has been made. I don’t really know why I haven’t talked about her all that much before but we had a way cool experience this week at her house. We stop by every week to read scriptures with their family and we also have a lesson with her at our ward mission leaders house every week too. Recently we have been focusing a lot on recognizing answers from the spirit. This week SHE brought up an awesome quote that she found on Facebook that said. “The biggest communication problem is we don’t listen to understand we listen to reply.” We asked her what that meant to her and she said that she needs to take a step back and listen better and not focus on what she wants to hear as much. That was the first time I’ve ever heard anything like that come out of her mouth. She is truly searching for her answer and is truly recognizing how it will come to her now! That is HUGE progress for her and we are so excited about all that is in store for her in the months ahead! I hope everyone has a great first week of school! I love you all so much and am always thinking and praying for you!!!! 🙂