So sorry it has taken me so long to get to a computer… Library closed Monday, Transfer Meeting Tuesday, Internet shut down in Washington all day today and so I have like 20 mins right now since we are back off to Tacoma again tomorrow! Wow so it has been a crazy weekend and even crazier beginning of this week! So this whole last week I was packing my bags preparing to leave Port Angeles and I leaned my lesson to never do that again… We got our transfer call late Saturday night and President Blatter called and asked me how I felt about staying in Port Angeles and training!!! Ya I almost passed out but I am soooo excited! I never in a million years was expecting that transfer call! Not only am I training but I have now set the record of the longest sister who has served in PA! After this transfer it will be 7 and a half months! Heavenly Father must love me a lot because I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky! So we went to transfer meeting yesterday and I got to pick up my new baby straight from the MTC and she is awesome! We are pretty much identical twins! Her name is Sister Sasser and she is from Pocatello Idaho. She cheered in High School, loves sports, is studying dietetics, that is only like 3 of a million things we have in common. It’s going to be such a fun transfer! I wish I had longer to email and tell you about this awesome week but we are back off to Tacoma for the new missionary meeting tomorrow so this is all the time I have for the week… I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Hope everyone is doing well! XOXOXO!!