It has been another awesome week! I am loving this amazing opportunity to train Sister Sasser and we have had some awesome experiences this week. She is learning to love knocking doors since that is pretty much the only thing we’ve had time for because of how busy this week has been as we have been traveling back and forth to Tacoma. So funny story. On about her 3rd door on her first night there was this crazy couple who yelled at us from across the street because they wanted us to come over. So we head over and they let their huge dog out and this dog just sits on the door mat and starts peeing right in front of us and it lasted no joke about 5 minutes! The owner was just talking to us as if nothing was happening… Haha I have never laughed that hard while knocking doors but seriously it was so disgusting! Of course something crazy like that would happen her first night in the mission! Haha 🙂 So let’s just say Sister Sasser is learning how crazy knocking doors can be pretty quickly! Haha!
This week has made me reflect a lot on the beginning of my mission. At the training meeting on Thursday all the new missionaries were asked to stand and bear their testimonies and it was such a powerful meeting for me! I thought back to my testimony 7 months ago and those times where I felt so inadequate to be teaching this gospel with only the little knowledge that I had. I’ve realized that there hasn’t been a time on my mission that I have gotten huge answers to questions but there have been so many experiences where little impressions come to me and confirm truths about the gospel. Looking back I’ve been able to see how my testimony has grown little by little. It is by faith, diligence, and obedience that we obtain more knowledge in this life. (D&C 130:19)
It really has been a great week and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us this transfer. There is obviously something else Heavenly Father needs me to accomplish before I leave PA so I’m going to work hard to find whatever it is! I love this gospel and know that it’s true! Have a great week! I love you all!!!

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1.Best District in the mission right here!
2. Seahawk Thursdays! Olson and I are proud supporters.
3. Our last Picture together on the way to Transfer meeting… 😦

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Hanging out at the mission home!
Been in the car for way to long this week! Haha