This is part of a letter Kelli sent over the weekend

It’s been about 7 months since I’ve been in the WA-TAC now and I can now full heartily say I am LOVING my mission.  The 1st few months were not the easiest and I was always so worried that my whole mission would consist of only checking off the days and months as I was waiting until I could get my normal life back.  Now my entire mindset has changed! I wake up at 6:30 and am happy and excited to get to work.  Obedience isn’t just the good thing to do anymore.  I am obedient to show my Heavenly Father my love for him.  My testimony of this gospel isn’t just words anymore.  It now comes from deep inside my heart.  At the beginning of my mission I spent so much time wishing and worrying about all the knowledge and faith that I lacked but now after learning to lean on the faith that I do already have I’ve seen experience after experience and miracle after miracle that have confirmed my testimony and made it grow so much.  I am finally learning what teaching by the spirit truly means.  There have been a few times where the words I’ve spoke have not been my own and let me tell you, it is one thing to hear of those experiences but to actually live it and experience it has been some of the coolest moments of my life!  My mission has truly been the greatest gift of my life and I am so lucky because it’s not even 1/2 way over yet:)  I still have so much to learn and there is still so much room for me to grow.  Before my mission I understood that the Savior was important but now I can call Jesus Christ my best friend, my rock and also my support.  He has carried my through these first 7 months and I know he will continue to lead me along until the end.  This life is impossible with out him and as I’ve come to know my Savior personally I have been able to feel of the happiness the joy the peace and the blessings of knowing he’s already walked this path before me.  There are situations in this life that seem like they are impossible to bear but with faith in Christ we have absolutely no reason to worry.  These things are only a small part of why my mission has been the biggest blessing in my life.  I am learning that there is nothing in this world that brings us more joy than our Savior and his gospel.  In a world of darkness and confusion, his gospel is so simple and clear.  The path is so clearly marked but yet Satan makes things so hard to see.  This is why this work is so very important and I am so glad I am finally starting to realize that now.  I love you guys all so much.  Thank you for absolutely everything!  Thank you also for your prayers.  I have felt them all so strongly throughout my mission and am so grateful for the strength I receive from you!!


Sister Kelli Horgesheimer