This was an email we received last night.  Can’t believe how wonderful the members in Washington have been to Kelli.

Hi, my name is Sister Nope (Stephanie) and I just had the privilege of having two of the best sister missionaries over for dinner. They were treated (or coerced) to a “green” meal…not because this is Washington (the ‘greentree’ state) but in honor of Sister Sasser’s greeness. Thought you would enjoy a picture. Also wanted to let you know that Brother Nope and I live directly above the sisters’ apartment. So they are being watched over…literally, esp. if they are on their balcony and we on ours.
Brother Nope and I have been life-long members, raised 9 children and have 25 2/3 grandchildren, so if it sets your minds at ease, for now, we are there for them. If you need for me to do anything (missed Sis. Horgesheimer’s birthday) let me know! I feel we are almost family as we share your daughters at this time. We always find things we have in common… we have a son who just moved from WA to TX having completed his committment to the Navy and is now a civilian dentist (Bro. Horge…) and we found out our son in Idaho just passed the Bar Exam and is working in the Prosecuting Attorney’s office in Twin Falls(Bro. Sasser)….
Bro. Horgesheimer the halibut was delicious.
Stephanie (and Walter) Nope

walk and greenie meal 035