Hey Everyone!
Hope it has been a great week for you guys! We have had some great lessons and teaching opportunities this week and Sister Sasser is already a professional her 2nd week in the mission! I am learning so much from her! It has been a way fun first two weeks together! We should be having a baptism this Saturday for a little 11 year old girl named R! Her mom has been less active for quite a while and they just moved over to our ward a few weeks ago and decided to start coming back to church. We have been meeting with R and she is so excited about her baptism. She has had it marked on the calendar for about a month now! She is the cutest girl ever!
So I have thought a lot about change this week. I have learned that the biggest reason people don’t listen to us or why they decide to stop meeting with us is because they believe they can’t change. I read a quote this week that I loved. It says “to believe that weakness and deficiencies in your character are unchangeable is to reject the central truth of the plan of salvation.”: This is so true! The central part of the Plan of Salvation is our Savior and because of him and his atonement we truly can change and become better people! “When we have faith our hearts are changed” It all comes down to having faith that with our Savior he can change us and help us become so much better! We can’t do it alone and I am learning now more than ever that with our savior anything is possible!
We have been teaching a lady who has been meeting with the missionaries for over 2 years in PA and I don’t even know how long before she moved to PA. She has made so much progress in the last 3 months as she has had so many humbling experiences go on in her life. She told us that she just doesn’t want to change but I am now learning that the deeper problem is that she doesn’t have the faith at this time to know that Christ can help her change! We are not going to ever give up on her! 🙂 We also met with a recent convert this week and talked about preparing for the temple. She said that she was no where close to being ready for such a big step in her life. When the missionaries met her about a year ago she was homeless and was in the middle of a lot of crazy trials… But now a year later she has a home and has completely turned her life over to Christ and is doing so well! We went through some of the requirements for the temple and it was so cool seeing how proud she was of herself after realizing that she is a lot closer to the temple than she thought! She was so excited and has so much more motivation now to go through in the next few months! So many opportunities are right in front of us and I know that by giving our lives to Christ and allowing ourselves to change through his atonement, we will be able to experience so many blessings that our Heavenly Father has in store for us! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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1.  2nd exchange with one of my best friends Sister Cassel

2. Best street in Port Angeles

3. You know it’s a good day when we both have a package on the doorstep! 🙂