This week has flown by so fast! So many miracles have happened and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to fit it all into this email! I’m just going to apologize now for how long this may be!
So on Tuesday we were stuck with nothing to do because absolutely no one was home that afternoon. So we prayed to know where the Lord needed us and we both felt that we needed to go check up on S and M. (They are the referral that our stake president gave us a few weeks ago) S has so many different health problems and it has made it so hard to meet with him so we wanted to go make sure he was doing ok but we had never been to his house before because we always teach him at our Stake President’s home. We knew the general area where he lived though so we figured we’d just go try and find his house and if we knocked on the wrong door no worries because we knock on strangers doors everyday of our lives anyways. So we get to the area and felt to go try a certain house and turns out a Jehovah Witness family lives there. Haha so of course we go inside and have a 45 minute conversation (like we do with every JW we knock into Haha). As we were leaving their house we saw S and M driving up and we were able to meet them in front of their house! Another perfect timing miracle! So we scheduled another appointment at our stake president’s house and that lesson went so good! We talked all about the Atonement in Alma 7 11-12. Is it bad to say that I was pretty much in his house learning and taking notes from the lesson he was giving S and M. Haha! Our stake president in amazing! After the lesson he was able to give S a blessing to help comfort him while he’s in the middle of his health problems. We all felt such a special spirit that night!
The next night I met the cutest couple on the entire planet!!! So they just moved from Texas up to PA and they were baptized exactly a year ago! If you saw them in church you would have thought they’d been members their whole lives! Seeing them and their example and hearing their conversion story gives me soooo much motivation to work that much harder to find amazing people just like them who are so ready to come to the fullness of the gospel! This couple is going through the Logan temple in 2 weeks and they are so beyond excited. So the husband said the cutest thing ever that I had to share with you! (He calls me by my first name haha and it is so weird and you have to imagine this in the cutest southern accent ever) But he said ‘You know Kelli, I would just really like a calling where I got a list of people who haven’t been to church in a while and I just want to go visit them and get them to come back to church and so they can sit with me on the pews” Ya he is AMAZING! Loved getting to know them.
Our mission also this week got to go to Camp Zion for a day and it was way fun! We played around on ropes courses all day and at the end we got to watch Meet the Mormons! It was an awesome movie! Definitely go see it when it comes out!
We were able to have an awesome lesson with our friend form Nicaragua this week and he is now on date for the 25th of October! He is loving what he is learning about this gospel and we are so happy and excited for him!
Lastly R GOT BAPTIZED LAST NIGHT!!!!! She was sooo happy and it was such a fun night full of excitement and of course so full of the spirit! We had all the children in her primary class stand up and share an article of faith and tell why they liked it and wow there is nothing that brings the spirit more than a child’s testimony! Such a fun night! And Sister Olson came back up to PA and it was about the best thing ever!!!
I can’t put into words how great this week has been! So many miracles that couldn’t have come from ourselves! The spirit is they key to all that we do and I am learning that more and more each day that I have to serve. I LOVE being a missionary! Hands down best decision of my life! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 🙂 Have a great week!

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Pictures from Zions Camp