Hello Everyone!
Well guys I have some good news! After this transfer I will have officially spent 9 months in Port Angeles! Haha! We had transfer calls on Saturday and I was dying when I was told I’d be staying another transfer up here!!! Half of my mission in this blessed land! I have so many mixed emotions about it right now but after a weekend to let it all sink in I have decided that I am soo excited to stay. I really need to stop preparing myself to leave…haha. Sasser and I are so excited to be staying together too! šŸ™‚
So it’s been an interesting week of knocking again but miracles have come form it. I can’t even tell you how old it is getting as I’m starting my 3rd time of knocking the same doors in PA. Haha I can almost tell you exactly how each conversation on the door is going to go before the person answers the door now, so we decided to be brave this week and knock a private community that I haven’t ever knocked before (knowing that we would probably get kicked out before the night was over). So we start knocking and it was fine until we knocked into the president of this little private community who was way rude and told us to leave. We were dumb and decided to keep knocking because we only had like 2 more doors left and the last one we knocked was soooo rude and threatened to call the cops on us just as he did for the Jehovah’s witnesses a few weeks ago. But we just kept talking to him and asked him about his family and about his job and we got through all this small talk. Then he asked us about our lives and what missionaries do and all this stuff and after about a 30 minute conversation at his door step his heart was totally softened. Until we asked if we could come back and teach him more then he said no and told us we had 2 minutes to leave or he was going to escort us out. Haha so we listened and left At this point we had about 30 minutes left of 5 to 7’s so we just parked our car on the main road and started knocking. Then we thought we saw someone writing down our license plate number and we were both so done with this night so we decided we should leave with 5 mins left of knocking but the spirit told us both no and to go talk to the guy standing right down the road from our car. We did and it was the biggest miracle ever. He had never talked to missionaries before and told us how ready he was for a change in his life especially as he is now in the beginning of his addiction recovery. We were so happy to meet him and are so excited to teach him soon. I have no idea how solid he is but finding him after the end of that crapy night was the biggest miracle we could have asked for. I know Heavenly Father was watching out for us!
We had so many people at church yesterday which was amazing! We met a girl who is friends with a great family in our ward and she told them a few weeks ago that she wanted to get baptized so they invited her to church. We met her yesterday and I can’t even tell you how glad I am to be staying in PA so we can teach her together! She is awesome!
It has been a really good week. I love this work and I love you all so much too! šŸ™‚
Love, Sister Horgesheimer