So I keep saying that it was the best week ever but this week by far has been one of the most rewarding weeks of my mission! It’s going to take A LOT to top it!!! Ahhh guys I love Meda so much! I talked about her last week and about how I knew I needed to be bold with her and tell her why I am still in PA. So President emailed me this week and said Sister Horgesheimer be bold with these people because this is probably your last 4 weeks in PA! Yep I hated that email but it gave me so much motivation to work so hard to finish everything I’ve started up here for the last 8 months. We went to Meda’s right after emailing and it was the most incredible visit of my mission! I just poured my heart out to this lady and told her everything I have been feeling since I met her! I told her that I knew I was called to Port Angeles to meet her and that Heavenly Father told me so clearly last week that I was still here to bring her the fullness of the gospel. Then I told her of my impression that I received at her house last week and I said that I felt so strongly that there were people across the veil who were waiting for her to hear this message. We were both in tears at this point. I can’t even put into words how strong the spirit was in that room. Everything felt so real. I’ve never felt anything like that before except in the temple and it just confirmed to me again how real the spirit is. The spirit is the evidence of truth and there was no denying the power that he has on our hearts Meda was crying when she told me that she had had feelings too that there were people waiting for her on the other side but she had kind of just ignored those feelings because she didn’t know what they meant but after I told her of my impression she said that everything made so much sense. She immediately said she would do whatever it took to find out for herself it his gospel is true! We went over the Restoration again and talked about the BoM and Baptism and the priesthood! She was a little worried about baptism but she promised she would read the BoM and put her whole heart into finding out for herself if this gospel is true! This lesson honestly made my mission! I have been praying and fasting all week that the spirit of the BoM will confirm to her that this gospel is true and I can’t wait to follow up with her this week.

We had another amazing lesson with a girl named Chelcie this week! She is the cutest girl ever and is sooo prepared! She is a referral from a family in our ward and it is way fun because we are the exact same age! I love being able to relate with people in that way. She has been going to a catholic church alone for the past 11 years because she knew religion was important but she has had some problems recently with this church so she asked this family in our ward about it and they invited her to join them at church. She told us that right when she walked in she knew this was right and that this is exactly where she needed to be. She asked us when she could be baptized this week and we set the date for Nov 22nd! Such an amazing miracle!

Lastly we had a baptism last night for Isaias!! I have never seen him so happy before and he was so excited that this night had finally come. Everything went perfectly but the highlight of the night is when our bishop got up to welcome him into the ward He gave all his remarks in Spanish and it was incredible! It was so personal for Isaias. Even though I have no idea what he said the spirit was still in the room so strongly!

I hope everyone has a very fun Halloween and another great week! LOVE YOU SO MUCH:)!!!!!

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1. Saying goodbye to the most amazing Sr. Couple around! I love the Gale’s and am going to miss them a lot!
2.Trunk or Treat with the ward this weekend.
3.Isaias’s baptism!!! 🙂

4. This week marks Kelli’s half way (HUMP DAY)