Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! It has been a fun week up in Washington but a little bit slower than we would’ve liked. A lot of our investigators where busy with family stuff so we focused a lot on finding this week instead of teaching.

We got a referral from our ward for a cute lady named Barbra this week. She is amazing but it took a lot of persistence to get into her home. Haha. She is paralyzed and in a wheel chair and we have heard all about how amazing she is from this girl in our ward and we wanted to meet her so badly. We tried the first time and got turned away so the next day we dropped off some Halloween treats and she let us reschedule another time we could come meet her. On Saturday we spent so long at her house and she pretty much gave us her whole life story. Wow is all I have to say! She has gone through sooo much but still has the most positive outlook on life and has become such a huge example in my life. We are going back tomorrow to help her make bread because that is something she loves to do but she hasn’t been able to since she broke her neck 2 years ago. Wish me luck because I have no idea how to make bread… She said I’d do fine so we’ll see! Haha.

So I think the highlight of the week was when I saw the package of caramel apples on our doorstep! Mom I love you!!!! Haha so that happened right before the real highlight of this week which was our Port Angeles Stake conference. The Saturday session was focused all about missionary work and family history work. The Blatter’s came up and spoke. They told so many awesome miracle stories from the work that’s been happening in our stake. I know that had to have gotten the stake pumped to keep working to find more miracles. Then they had a few recent converts bear testimonies. To our surprise they asked Isaias to stand up after only being a member for 6 days. He did such a great job and hearing his testimony was such a rewarding moment. Our Sunday session was all about temple work. Wow that made me so trunky for temples. I miss the temple so bad and would honestly do anything to be there right now. The stake presidency focused a lot on how “only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness.” It made me think about a quote from Elder Anderson that says “the way you feel in the temple is a pattern for how you should feel in your life.” We have the ability to always have that strong abundance of the spirit in our lives, especially in our homes.

We got our conference Ensigns this week and I have been studying that magazine non stop. I LOVED conference. I read President Packer’s talk and I loved his closing testimony. He says, “As we move into the future with quiet confidence, His spirit will be with us. There is no end to his power to bless and direct the lives of those who seek truth and righteousness.” The part that stood out to me was quiet confidence. Our savior was the perfect example of that. We need to have confidence but by quiet confidence I think that is referring to humility. The savior always taught with confidence but his confidence came from His Father. He showed the perfect example of humility and that is how we must live our lives, knowing that our Father will guide and direct our paths. There is absolutely no end to his power! Have a great week!!!!

Love, Sister Horgesheimer šŸ™‚