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So we were driving over to our dinner appointment last night with the Elliot’s our awesome ward mission leader, and I was thinking what in the world do I have to tell my family about this week… It has been a great week but not a lot of excitement happened. We got an awesome referral from the Elders and are now teaching the cutest girl named Izzy. (I can’t take her name seriously now because of Izzy the dog…) Haha! We are still teaching Chelcie and she is way excited for her baptism on the 22nd of this month but other than that not a whole lot happened. Until after dinner last night when the biggest miracle ever happened!!!!!!!

We have been going to our WML’s house for dinner the past 4 Sundays and they have a less active college student living with them this semester who always has his friend S over for dinner while we are there. They are both part of the college soccer team and were never really interested to talk about religion but they are always nice and willing to listen to our thought that we share at the end of the night. Last night our WML had 4 (non-member) boys from the soccer team over for dinner and for our thought we decided to share Alma 34 32 and talk about the purpose of this life. As we were talking S’s brain was spinning you could just tell. He just started throwing out questions left and right to us all about where we are going after this life and about eternal families. His questions were so deep and we could all tell that this is something he has been thinking about for a while now. Eventually he just left the room because he couldn’t hold his tears in any longer after hearing about the spirit world and about temples. Our WML pulled him aside before he left and talked to him one on one for a bit and after everyone left our WML said that S had told him that he’d been searching for these answers his whole life and something hit him tonight like nothing he’d ever felt before and the words all felt so right and familiar to him. No joke those where his exact words!!! I have never seen the spirit touch someone so strongly in my life. He was so humbled last night and is so ready to hear this gospel. He committed to take all the lessons and we are starting tonight at our WML’s house. It was so cool to see such a change of heart from a big headed soccer player to a teenage boy who was so over come by the spirit! Wow it was such an incredible night and such a big blessing and miracle.

Words can’t even describe how I was feeling when we left their house last night! I don’t know what I did to be able to come to this amazing mission and be apart of these amazing experiences. This right here is why missionary work is the best thing ever. Being apart of these experiences make the struggles of missionary work seem invisible. And of course there are only 2 more weeks left of this transfer… I can’t leave PA now and I am so scared that it’s gonna happen… I love this gospel and I’m so grateful for the knowledge I have of the plan of salvation! I never realized how much I took this knowledge for granted until I became a missionary. The world needs this message. Everywhere we look people are searching for a purpose in life whether they know it or not! Open your mouth and let people know why this message is so important to you!
I LOVE YOU!!!! have a great week!!!

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This is my new best friend Barbara that I talked about last week! We had such a fun afternoon making bread this week!
I’m sorry I send home so many sunset and sunrise pictures but it is seriously one of my favorite things about PA. This was the sunrise this morning!