Another great week in Port Angeles! So we had our Mission music fireside in PA last night and it was AMAZING!!!! It felt so good to be involved in singing with the mission again! So President came over to Sister Sasser and I and said Sisters please make sure your area book is updated…. We took that to mean that we may be getting doubled out which means we both leave next transfer… We are loosing 19 sisters next week and only 3 are coming in so they are taking sisters out of a lot of areas this transfer. I can’t even think about both of us leaving this area right now as there is still so much that needs to be done. Ugh I HATE Transfer calls sometimes!

Anyways, we have had quite the humbling week as we didn’t have a car for 3 days while it was in the shop. We walked everywhere and honestly I loved it but we weren’t able to get as much done which was hard. We walked up to our church and had 2 awesome church tours and were able to put Izzy and her friend Whitney on date for Dec. 6th. We have been focusing a lot on making our intentions known early on in the teaching process and trying to invite people to be baptized on the first lesson. About a month ago that is something I’d never do but these last few weeks we’ve been jumping out of our comfort zone and we have seen lots of success in inviting people to be baptized early.

We had a great lesson with S this week at our WML’s home and to our surprise S’s friend R who is also on the soccer team wants to learn too! S bore such a powerful testimony on God’s love and how he knows it was no coincidence that he came up to college in PA to meet the Elliott family. It really is a total miracle how all of these things lined up perfectly for him to be taking the lessons right now. We have another lesson scheduled tonight and I can’t wait!!

We are kind of an a YSA overload in our teaching pool right now and I love it! C the other YSA we’ve been teaching for about a month is getting baptized this Saturday! SOOO EXCITED FOR HER!! She is doing great!!!

We had our mission tour this week and we were so blessed to have Elder Snow from the 70 come up to the Wa-Tac. We were all asked to prepare a talk on faith because he randomly called on people throughout the day to stand and give their talk. Preparing this talk was so much fun but luckily I didn’t get called up. I love studying about Faith. His wife’s talk was my favorite. She talked all about keeping a journal and about how your mission journal will be scripture for you throughout the rest of your life. I loved that! I hope everyone had a great week! I love you all and think about you guys all the time! You are in my prayers everyday!
Love You!
Sister Horgesheimer 🙂

Part of Kelli’s letter home

I love the picture dad sent of Gehring with you all! I can’t even contain my excitement that she will be back in PA on Friday! I miss her soooo much! I’m glad her talk went well! I knew she’d do amazing! So the weather here has been so cold this week and it was honestly kind of miserable without a car… But we survived. It was weird because last week we didn’t even wear jackets but this week we couldn’t even breath outside! Knocking has been rough because I feel so bad making people stand by their door to long cuz it’s so cold outside. I think they said this week should be a little better. Even with the cold weather and no car we found so much success this week so we were happy. Every time I see President he makes some transfer joke with me so it’s looking pretty likely that I’m outta here next Tuesday unless he get’s hit with a bolt of lightning and God tell him to keep me here… So ya it’s gonna be the worst thing ever knowing that this is probably a week full of lasts for me in PA. I will definitely keep Dalia’s boy in my prayers. That breaks my heart hearing that! Keep me updated on everything. We got a call this morning from a lady who was in tears and couldn’t even speak because she was so mad at some missionaries in Port Townsend who didn’t go visit her Dad before he was taken to the hospital. She said he only has about a week left to live. I was trying my best to calm her down over the phone and tell her that it would all be ok but she was just so worried that he hadn’t been baptized and that he didn’t know Jesus Christ. I talked to her all about temple work and eternal families and just bore my testimony about our Heavenly Father’s love and about how I knew there was still so much hope and so much to look forward to. She had so much peace come over her and I could finally understand a few words that she was saying behind all her tears.. She thanked me over and over and I hung up the phone feeling so overly blessed that we have temples which make it possible to have eternal families. So much of this life is about keeping the eternal perspective in mind. I love you so much Mom! Have great week!!! XOXOXOXO

This is my favorite couple on the planet! They were baptized in Texas about a year ago and got sealed last month. They just moved up to PA. Seriously they are my motivation for knocking doors. They are the most incredible people ever and best news ever is Bro Miller just got called to be our assistant Ward mission leader. They took us up to Hurricane Ridge this weekend!

photo IMG_3237

1. Hello Winter weather. Yes I know we look ridiculous!!! But we LOVE it!
2. Hurricane Ridge. Never gets old even after the 3rd time! 🙂
3. My favorite Forks District at the fireside.

Misson Conference with Elder Snow from the 70

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