Hey Everyone!! 🙂 So I’m gonna be honest, It was kind of a hard and
very humbling first week in Elma. Coming from PA where there was sooo
much happening to an area where we don’t even have one progressing
investigator is definitely an eye opening experience that I am still
not quite sure how to handle. We made our Progress Record for ward
council yesterday and we didn’t have anyone but less active members to
write on it… It has been quite the adjustment but I can’t complain
at all because I think I have learned more in this last week than I
have in the past 5 months in PA. This area is really what I need to
test my faith. In PA everything honestly felt as it came so easily to
us and it was full of crazy miracle after crazy miracle. There is no
doubt in my mind that this same thing could happen in Elma too but
it’s going to take a lot of faith to get there. I know that there is
absolutely no end to the power of our Heavenly Father but his power
works according to our faith. Things are going to work themselves out
and I know that God has a purpose for us in this area right now.
This week I have also come to gain a stronger testimony that this work
is all about love not about numbers at all. As representatives and
disciples of Jesus Christ, we are sent to minister Christ’s love to
all those we talk to and it is so very important that we don’t let
anything distract us from our main purpose to share his love. I’m not
going to lie, numbers have been a huge distraction for me over the
past few months and I know one of the many reasons I’m in Elma right
now is to learn how to get out of this numbers rut I read President
Uchtdorf’s talk this week that he gave in the General Women’s meeting
called living the gospel joyful. In this talk he shares an experience
about the true meaning of visiting teaching and that we don’t just do
our visiting teaching to get a checkmark for another month. As
disciples of Christ we need to focus on truly loving those we serve. I
have learned to apply this principal in my work this week more than I
ever have before. Our numbers were LOW but honestly I could care less
because I have more fully learned what it means to let Christ love
work through me and that is much more valuable than finding over 100
Life is good. I am loving Elma more and more every day but man I
REALLY miss PA sometimes. Heavenly Father has so much for me to learn
down here and I am so grateful that he has helped me realize that this
week. I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving! I love you