Hey Everyone!!! So if this email makes no sense it is because I am so
tired since I couldn’t sleep at all last night due to the fact that I
got a phone call at 10 o’clock from the PA Elders (and Sisters)
telling me that SAM IS GETTING BAPTIZED TOMORROW and I get to go back
to PA for the baptism!!!!! I can’t even contain my excitement! My
Christmas has officially been made!!
So how could this week not be good after that awesome phone call…? Haha
It really was a much better week for us down here in Elma though. We
have found so many people this week from knocking and although they
all aren’t super solid we are still way excited about it. We have also
been working through our ward list and our Ward Mission Leader got in
contact with a few part member families whose kids aren’t baptized so
we are so excited to be working with them and hopefully reactivating
the parents so the Dad can baptize his kids. There are definitely things
happening in this area.  Slowly but surely non the less.
So all throughout my mission I’ve wanted to start a journal dedicated
to how I used the atonement that day. I have never gotten around to it
but now that it is the Christmas season I decided it would be the
perfect way to focus myself on Christ this year. I have LOVED being a
missionary over Christmas and it really has helped me focus on the
true meaning of this season. I also love that the church has been
pushing the “He is the Gift” video so hard because that video has
really brought a special spirit to my heart each time I watch it. I
have learned this season that not only is Christ the greatest Gift but
it’s only through him that I can reach my greatest and highest
potential. I LOVE the last line in the song Away in a Manger that
says, “And fit us for Heaven to live with thee there” Sister Julien
and I have loved singing Christmas hymns together everyday and taking
time to study the words that are found in the hymns. Normally I just
breeze through singing and wouldn’t think twice about it but these
hymns really do have so much that we can learn. It’s only through
Christ that we can be fit to return to live back with our Heavenly
Father and as we were singing this week that hit me hard. I am so
grateful for the testimony my mission has helped me obtain of my
Savior. I love him and I love this special time of year that we have
to focus on him. I have never felt so much joy in my life. I have
learned that Joy doesn’t come from presents, decorations, or anything
like that. It truly does come only from our Savior. I hope we can all
have our testimonies of the Savior strengthened this season!! I LOVE


Cute Sister Missionaries!!!