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Hope you like our Christmas Card!!

We dedicated it 100% to Elma ( Cows are Great)

This was a hand written letter

Hey Family

So sorry about the rough emailing session today.  The Family History center was struggling today.  Thank you for your emails this week 🙂 and also for all the Christmas Cards.  It has been so fun seeing all my cute family!  This week was good!  We spent a lot of time outside finding and it was successful this week because of all the fun Christmas Festivities in Montesano.  We got to be the sign holders in the light parade with all the other missionaries in the zone!  They went all out on this parade and minus the princess I felt like I was in Disney Land a little bit.  Ahh Tuesday was amazing!!  It felt like I was home being back in  Port Angeles again.  Such a long drive but it was so worth it.  Sam was so excited for his baptism and it was such a spiritual night.  Brother Elliot asked me to speak at the baptism and I talked all about discipleship  and following the spirit.  Sam is so close to the spirit and I know he has so much to look forward to in his life!  His baptism made my mission and being apart of his conversion has been the biggest blessing!!  Sister Julien and I gave a fun training at our Zone meeting on planning!  Ha of course we were asked to do that because planning is our favorite! NOT!!! It went great though.  Other than that not a ton went on.  Ha except tonight we went caroling with our zone and it was so fun!!  18 missionaries on every doorstep was awesome!  This morning I studied President Monson’s talk from this last conference called “Ponder the Path of they Feet” and he talked about our Savior’s example and it made me think about one of my favorite lines from the Living Christ.  It says,  “He gave his life to atone for the sins of all mankind.”  Notice how it doesn’t say that he died for all our sins but that he gave his life.  His whole life, Christ faced so many disappointments, temptations, pains and sickness that we all face in life but because of his example we learn how we can escape from the hurt we all face in mortality.  President Monson’s talk explained this so well.  This has been a great transfer down in Elma.  We are having so much fun and working harder than I ever have before!  Miracles will follow and I know we’ll see success soon.  I’ve learned that success doesn’t always mean baptisms.  Success for me in this area so far has come from the growth that  I’ve been able to feel in the testimony of my Savior!!  I love being a missionary in the greatest mission in the world!! 🙂  I love you all so much!!


Sister Horgesheimer