Hello Everyone!! 🙂
Another great week in Elma! Wow it was a busy one. We had an awesome
district meeting all about the difference between baptism and
conversion. Right after district meeting we went to meet with a family
who we have been visiting the last few weeks who are all pretty less
active but are wanting to get back into church. We went into this
lesson so unprepared because we had just gotten home from an exchange
and had no planning time together. We went in hoping to go over Plan
of Salvation but we were prompted to go into the gospel and the
sacrament instead.Wow this lesson was so powerful and 100% led by the
spirit and you could tell that it really clicked in their head why
church and this gospel is so important. They were all so excited to
come to church this week and they ALL came yesterday and loved it. I
learned first hand that day how important my calling is and how I am
not called to only baptize but to help everyone experience conversion.
This cute family is starting to feel the converting power that the
Holy Ghost has and it has been so much fun to see. 🙂
Alright next story of the week. Haha don’t laugh to hard… So I went
to Shelton with the cutest sister on an exchange this week. So we
started knocking and on the doorstep she says “alright let’s sing
Silent Night on this one.” Totally caught me off guard but Yes I
Sister Horgesheimer caroled the entire night on this exchange at every
door we knocked on… It was sooooo awkward because as you all know I
am the worst singer in the world but hey I made it through and we even
got 2 new investigators from it. (They probably did it out of sympathy
but we got 2 new non the less.) Haha! 🙂
Sister Julien and I got ourselves stuck in a dumb bible bash this week
and we were sitting in his house the whole night just listening to him
talk about how hopeless we are because we are stuck in our sins and
how they aren’t proud of their lives but then they would say that it
doesn’t matter because they already accepted Christ and are saved by
his grace… I read Ether 12 this week and have been reflecting on
verse 11 all week. it says “Wherefore by faith was the law of Moses
given. But in the gift of his Son hath God prepared a more excellent
way; and it is by faith that it hath been fulfilled.” The more
excellent way has been given to us because of God’s love. I feel like
so many Christian faiths don’t see God for the all loving father that
he is. He loves us so much and has given us his Son so that we can be
freed from guilt, so that we can be happy and so that we can improve
and become better everyday. There is so much confusion in the world
and it is so sad to listen to it. I know God loves us all so much and
he wants us to be happy. That’s why he sent his son so that if we
would repent and come unto him we could feel of his redeeming grace.
Our Savior gives us purpose in life and I know he lives to bless us
with his love 🙂


Welcome to winters in Washington. I wish this picture showed how
flooded the streets were. Haha Good times knocking. Good times 🙂

Good Thing for Hunter Boots!!!!