Hey Everyone! So I found an awesome scripture that describes this week
for us perfectly. Haha Isaiah 44:3. “For I will pour water upon him
that is thirsty, and FLOODS upon the dry ground…” So it has been
PORING rain this weekend and there have been mudslides and feet of
rain on some roads. I have never seen anything like this in my life
and it has been crazy. So transfer calls were on Saturday and sadly we
got the news that Julien is out of Elma and off to Lakewood. AKA
Lakehood. So sad that she’s leaving but I’m way excited for my new
comp. Her name is Sister Lechuga and I don’t know her at all yet but
I’ve heard great things about her.
Sister Julien and I had another good week. Nothing super exciting but
still good. We went outside a lot this week talking to people. So funny
story, we met this guy named Benjamin and he asked us if we could get
him a ride to church so we figured a ride out and he came yesterday.
So he not only did he come to church but he also stood up to bear his
testimony. Sister Julien and I were sitting in our seat so scared for
what he was going to say. Haha He gave us a good shout out and then
sat down so it was alright. 🙂 Oh Benjamin. He’s a crazy kid and has
been through a lot in his life. We will see what happens with him. He
has a lot of potential.
I think the biggest lesson I learned this week is how much power I
have because of my faith in who Heavenly Father is. We have taught so
many lessons to potential and former investigators this week and we
always started out with asking them who God is and I was so surprised
that no one could described him as a Loving Father. We got all kinds
of answers but no one ever used the word love in their answers. We are
blessed with so much in this life by knowing that God is more than a
mysterious being but knowing that he is our Heavenly Father and that
we can always have him so close to us. It is so simple and important
and yet this truth is so misunderstood to a lot of the world. My eyes
have really been opened this week and I am so thankful that I have
been given these 18 months to bring this truth to those who are lost.
It’s going to be a good transfer in Elma. I know our faith will
continue to bring miracles to this area. Yes it feels slow at times
but things have definitely been picking up. I love you guys! Thank you
for all the love and support I always have felt from you! Have a great


Sister Horgesheimer and Sister Julien before Sister Julien was transferred

Flooding in Kelli’s area

Mudslides in Kelli’s area

Part of Kelli’s letter home

We had a way fun new years. We went to our
stake president’s house and played taboo with a few families. And we
chopped wood all afternoon. Haha it was so fun!  I thought about Kate
and Caleb on Saturday. I’m glad it was a fun day for you guys. I’m so
excited to see Heather and Eric’s new house. Ahh Sadie’s room sounds
way cute! I don’t have tons of time to email today but things are
going good. I am a little worried about taking over this area so
quickly but it’ll be fine. This ward is going to miss Julien so
much… Saying goodbyes have been sad. She’s excited to leave though.
I’ll let you know next week about Sister Lechuga.I think president put the sisters with the two weirdest names together. Haha 🙂 Go look up the Aberdeen mudslides…Haha our area is falling apart right now from mudslides and so many members have flooded basements so it’s gonna be a week full of service for us. Crazy stuff. I love you!