week!!! Washington has so much Seahawk pride it is ridiculous. I have
never seen anything like it. Every person we have seen is wearing
seahawks clothes, the street lights are all blue and green on
literally every street. Ahhh I LOVE IT! So this whole week as we have
been knocking doors we always ask people if we can leave them with a
prayer on the doorstep before we go. This week we were asked probably
50 times, “Could you please say a prayer for my Seahawks?” Haha So yep
prayers are answered!    So we had the coolest experience at a dinner appointment this week with our stake president and a catholic priest named Father
Dickey who is from Elma. He started looking into our church recently
and ended up having to move because members of his congregation were
beginning to notice that he was looking into the LDS church and he
couldn’t lose his job as a minister. So we had the coolest
conversation at dinner with him about how we were able to all gain our
testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We went around
the table and the spirit was so strong in the room. My heart was
pounding as it was my turn to share my conversion story. It was such a
touching moment for me because before my mission I remember sitting in
testimony meetings listening to these amazing experiences of how
people came to know gospel truths and I kinda just felt that feeling
of jealousy wishing that I had an unshakable testimony of the
restoration. That moment kind of tied my whole mission together of how
I have come to know of the truth of the restored gospel for myself.
Before my mission I was looking for that big experience that would
confirm my testimony but as I’ve been out here I have never really
received that huge answer I’ve been looking for. But that hasn’t
stopped me from gaining that unshakable testimony I desired. I read a
talk from Elder Holland at the beginning of my mission that said we
need to not focus and dwell on the knowledge we feel that we lack but
instead we need to focus the truths we do know and we will be able to
gain more and more light. The light that makes up our testimony comes
little by little not all at once. That has been a life changer for me.
It was so cool as I was able to share for the first time all together
my entire experience of receiving my own testimony of the gospel. That
will definitely be a night that I’ll never forget. Father Dickey
closed the night by bearing a very powerful testimony of the restored
gospel. He blew us all away. I know he’ll be baptized soon. He is
going to Utah for the next few weeks to have a temple square tour and
I am so excited for him.
Funny Story for the week. We were knocking and we met a lady who
locked herself out of her house and so Sister Lechuga had to lift me
up to break in through her upstairs window. All those years of
stunting did prepare me for my mission. 🙂 Haha. That was quite the
adventure. We knew the spirit led us to that street for a reason. 🙂
We had our ward conference yesterday and I want to end this
email with a thought that our bishop left with the ward. He was soooo
bold in his talk yesterday and I loved it. He shared Alma 60: 22-23
and talked about the war that we are all involved in today. He said,
“no wonder we have so many war chapters in the Book of Mormon, we are
in the middle of wars going on all around us. It is up to us to not
sit still and procrastinate. We need to cleanse ourselves and prepare
so that we can help cleanse the world from the wars going on around.”
It was such a great talk and such an inspiring meeting.
Well I love you all so much! Have a great week and GO SEAHAWKS!! 🙂




Beautiful Sunrise

Sister Horgesheimer and Georgia

Blue and Green lights to celebrate the Seahawks!!!