Hey Everyone!
This has been a fun week. So its been way different this week. I’m not
really sure if I’m serving in Washington or Mexico right now. We
started this week off with Sister Lechuga making a Mexican and
Salvadorian fiesta at our recent convert’s house for their one year
anniversary from when they joined the church. It was sooo good. Wow 5
hours of preparation was so worth it. We found 5 new investigators
this week and 2 of them dropped us the next lesson and the other 3
only speak Spanish so Sister Lechuga has been teaching in Spanish all
week and it has been so cool to be there. Eventually the Spanish
elders are going to have to take over but President gave us permission
to sit in on lessons with them and it has been awesome. All during
knocking I’ve been learning Spanish too. It has been so much fun but
ya I definitely was called English speaking for a reason. 🙂 This was
a way cool miracle story with a guy we met named Francisco. He is our
apartment manager and he was in fixing our light during one of our
comp studies a few weeks ago and while Sister Lechuga was talking to
him this week he said he was really interested to learn more about
what we were discussing a few weeks ago when he was there. He only
understands like 40% of English from what he said so he only got bits
and pieces from our conversation in our apartment but it was so great
that Sister Lechuga could teach him the full restoration this week.

We had a great zone conference this week. Wow President Blatter blew
me away. We talked about Faith, Love, Obedience, and Work Ethic. I
love those meetings were you come away so excited to get back to work.
What I took away all together from the meeting is that missionary work
is not convenient nor is it ever supposed to be. It’s hard to have
faith sometimes in slow areas, planning takes lots of time, following
the spirit takes more effort then just doing what you would regularly
do, knocking on doors may sometimes feel pointless… I could go on
and on. What it all comes down to is missionary work is not meant to
be easy. It is meant to make you stretch and grow. We are on the
Lord’s errand I’m not on Sister Horgesheimer’s errand right now. It
was a very good meeting and I found so many ways that I can improve.

So crazy to think that I have been out for a whole year now. Thursday
brought back so many memories to my first day in the MTC. Haha good
times back then. On Thursday morning I read Elder Packer’s talk from
this conference and there was a line that really stuck out to me. He
said, “the lord is no stranger to his servants.” This year more than
anything I have gotten to know my Savior as a friend. My mind went
right to the scripture in Mathew 10: 39-40.”He that findeth his life
shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.
He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me
receiveeth him that sent me.” The blessing that comes from giving your
life in the service of our Savior are endless. I LOVE THIS WORK. I
have been so blessed as I’ve been involved in this work. I came on my
mission to give back to my savior for the life he has given me but yet
he just keeps continuing to give me more. There is no way we can ever
give back except through serving him the best we can in ALL that we
do. It has been the most amazing year of my life and I’m so excited to
see what these next few months will continue to bring. Have a great week everyone.   I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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Happy One Year Mark

Zone Conference