Hey!!! 🙂
So it has honestly been the slowest week ever… But still so good. I
am learning so much! Sister Lechuga was sick a few days so we were
stuck at home. You would think a break would be nice but sitting still
was literally the hardest thing ever after a year of going non stop.
My studies have all been so perfect this week for the situations I’ve
been having. I know Heavenly Father is listening to my prayers because
of the powerful answers I’ve received through the scriptures and the
apostles during conference talks. We were able to teach our gospel
principals class yesterday about the creation and I had no idea this
was a topic that I was so passionate about. I know Heavenly Father
loves me because he has sent me to the most beautiful place in the
world. There is nothing I love more than being on the top of a
mountain looking at all the trees or seeing a beautiful sunset over
the water. I love the beauty in Washington!!! There have been so many
times where I’ve had to just stop and thank God for the beauty that’s
around me. Being in this state has helped strengthen my testimony more
than anything of our loving Heavenly Father. I read in Moses 1 this
week and it talks about how God doesn’t do anything thing without
purpose, and how the creator of all things knows us all perfectly. It
is his work and his GLORY to help us become happy!
I know this gospel makes us happy and that God’s plan is absolutely
perfect. Sorry this is a short email. I am so excited for the week
ahead. I know great things are in store for us in Elma! Have a great
week everyone! 🙂 I LOVE YOU!!!