Hello!! 🙂
Much much better week for us. 🙂 So glad that we had things going on.
I have learned a lot this week about what it means to be meek and how
to submit to the Fathers will. We talked a lot about it in MLC and all
of my studies have gone along the same theme. I feel like I’m finally
starting to really figure out how to be an effective missionary and I
hate it because I only have 6 months left. It’s kind of a rip of that
sisters only get 18 months out here. Haha. I am learning that
patience, humility, love and learning how to submit are truly what
make a happy missionary. No matter what, I know I can be happy because
the Lord is in charge and he has a perfect plan lined up for me. My
mission has taught me this so much but I’ve especially learned this
here in Elma.

This week we had exchanges with the Sisters in Shelton and I got to
spend a day with a sister who served in Port Angeles right before I
got there. It was sooo good being able to talk to someone who loves PA
just as much as I do. I miss PA so much…

So our recent convert Miranda has had her friend Brenda over for the
past few weeks and she isn’t a member but we have been able to go over
and teach her for the last few days and help give her peace and
comfort with some of the difficult situations that have been going on
in her life. There are some people that you just have that immediate
connection with and Brenda has been one of them for me. We said a
prayer together on Tuesday and it was one of the most powerful
experiences that I’ve had in Elma. By the end of the prayer we were
all in tears. I brought Brenda a Book of Mormon to church yesterday
and she asked me to write my testimony in it first so that she can
always remember me. I just love her so much and I know that she will
join the church someday. She lives in Sequim (right next to PA). It’s
kind of been my secret dream to end my mission in Sequim so we will

Well we have transfers this weekend and I’m anxious to see what’s
going to happen. Honestly I’d be so happy with whatever happens. This
transfer has been hard but the things that I’ve learned from this
transfer have made it 100% worth it. I love my mission and I wouldn’t
trade any moment of it for anything. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 🙂

Love Sister Horgesheimer
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Pictures are from The Mission Leadership Conference