I have been so excited to email you all this week because I have the
best news in the world! I literally received my dream transfer call
this week and I can hardly contain my excitement right now!!!!! I am
going to the Soundview ward in Tacoma with the greatest sister ever
Sister Heaton!!!!! Not only that, Sister Sasser is in the ward right
next to me so we will be together all the time. I can’t wait! After
President called on Saturday I was worried every time the phone rang
that it was going to be him calling again to change his mind. Thank
goodness that didn’t happen and I can stop dreaming because this call
is almost a reality. Ya I can’t wait! 🙂

So as excited as I am, saying goodbyes yesterday was a lot harder than
I thought it’d be. Every ward you serve in truly because your family
and it is always so hard saying good bye whether your there for 12
weeks or 9 months… It is never easy.

I hope you all had a great Valentines day. We had such a great day. We
were both way worried to knock doors that night but it surprisingly
went very well. We found 2 new investigators in one night which hasn’t
happened my entire time here in Elma. We spent a lot of time heart
attacking our ward for Valentines day and it was so fun. Also Sister
Blatter made sure to wish us all a happy singles awareness day. Haha!

So yesterday 2 of our speakers no showed at church so bishop asked me
two minutes before sacrament meeting started to give a talk/goodbye
testimony. I was so grateful for this opportunity to share some of my
thoughts from the things I’ve learned in the last 3 months. These
transfers have really taught me that God will never give you more than
you can handle. I know that is probably the most quoted and cliche
phase used but I have gained such a testimony of this. I didn’t know
how I was going to get through the winter here in the boonies but I
know it was because of Christ’s light that I did. I have truly learned
what it means to have faith and to put your trust 100% in the Lord. I
could not have done this on my own and before my mission I would’ve
wanted to rely only on my own strength. Now I know how to let Christ
help me through the hard times and I know I was given these hardships
so I could more fully understand this principal. I have learned that
this life is about becoming meek, humble, patient and learning to
submit to our Father’s will and because of Elma I really feel I’ve
been able to improve myself in these areas and my testimony has been
forever changed. 🙂
Have a very good week everyone! I hope the sun is shining in Utah. We
have had the sunniest weekend ever and it has been amazing! I love
Washington so very much!!!!!

IMG_3591 IMG_3599 IMG_3595

The last picture is of one of my favorite people in Elma named Fern.
She is 92 and is blind but she has the most amazing memory and she has
the greatest stories ever when we go over. I’m going to miss her so