Hello Everyone! Wow this week has no words to describe how great it
has been!!! I LOVE SOUNDVIEW SO MUCH!!!!! I feel like I died and woke
up in the celestial kingdom! That is how great this place is. We are
busy literally every second of the day. We have been so busy that we
have had to skip lunch like 3 times this week. I don’t know what I did
to deserve to serve in this blessed area! Sister Heaton is amazing
too! I have never had a companion that I’ve connected with so quickly
and who works so similar to how I work ever. That is saying a lot
because I have been blessed with the greatest companions ever. I know
we have big things in store for us this transfer. We have been working
HARD and laughing even harder all week! I just love Sister Heaton so

Right after transfer meeting on Tuesday we had a lesson with a
potential who we had no idea was going to be so elect. His name is
Jeremy and he said no to the elders who knocked on his door only 3
weeks ago. Sister Heaton and Sister Chappel knocked on his door last
week and said exactly what he needed to hear to catch his interest.
They invited him to pray to find his purpose in life and he said that
he has been filled with an indescribable peace ever since. So when I
met him on Tuesday we taught the Plan of Salvation and focused it all
on the Atonement. It was one of the best lessons I’ve ever been apart
of on my mission. I feel like I’ve finally gotten to the point on my
mission where I understand what it really means to let the spirit
teach. Jeremy is on date for the 26th of March and is making so many
changes in his life so he can follow God’s commandments. He set a date
to quit smoking, requested to not work on Sundays anymore, changing
his entire schedule to make sure he has time to meet with us, Ahhh he
is so freaking elect I can’t even believe it. We took him on a church
tour on Thursday and all he could say was “I know this is where God
wants me to be because this place feels like Heaven on Earth.” So much
light is entering into his life and it is so cool being able to
witness this first hand.

This week has caused me to reflect a lot on what God’s purpose is for
me in Soundview. I found my purpose so easily in Elma which was to
learn to rely on my Savior. As I’ve been studying this week I was led
to a scripture in D&C 100 5-8. It talks about how we will be blessed
to speak with the Spirit in ALL things and I have made it my focus to
let the Spirit guide all my words so that everyone we talk to will be
able to recognize us as disciples of Christ. This has been such a cool
focus for me especially as we have been knocking. My entire outlook on
5-7s has changed and Sister Heaton and I have really learned to make
this such a sacred part of our day. I have been thinking a lot about
how my entire mission has prepared me for this area and for this
transfer and I am so excited to see what the Lord has planned for us.
The Lord knows me so perfectly and my entire mission has been such a
gift. This gospel is so true and I feel so blessed to have this
opportunity to represent my Savior each day. I love you guys!! Have a
great week! šŸ™‚

IMG_3611 IMG_3620 IMG_3633

1. My Elma district
2.The greatest recent converts who I miss so much from Elma
3. Guys this is my view from the house I live in! I told you I’m
literally in Heaven! Soundview is BEAUTIFUL!!