Wow this week has been CRAZY but so good!! I’m still on spiritual
overload from this weekend! We had MLC with all the zone leaders and
STL’s, then Elder Maynes from the 70 came to visit the mission and
Interviews with President all in 2 days!

Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with my girl Sister Sasser. Oh my we
had way to much fun together again! Haha. It was such a cool
experience seeing how much she has grown the last few months and being
able to learn even more from her. This exchange showed me that
Heavenly Father really can help us become so much more if we give him
our heart and trust in his plan.

We have been working with so many recent converts on their family
history and helping them prepare names for the temple this week! I
can’t even tell you how much I love family history. I have to give
Brock a shout out because as I was looking through I saw he has found
quite a few names on our family tree! I can’t wait to get more into it
when I’m home! Such a special spirit comes from finding our ancestors
that I never took advantage of before my mission.

Jeremy is still doing so good. This week we had the coolest
conversation with him where he shared his testimony of the spirit he
has felt from the Book of Mormon. He read 2 Nephi 31 and pointed out
verse after verse that he said had a huge effect on him. He went on to
tell us that the Book of Mormon is a book of “Hows”. It teaches us How
to come closer to Christ, How to use his Atonement, How to make it
back to our Heavenly Father, How to find happiness in our lives. It
truly is our guide book in this life and it made me so happy to see
Jeremy realize this important principal for himself.

So I wanted to share something so cool that Elder Maynes shared from
his visit this weekend. He talked about one of the devotionals that
gave in the MTC in the Philippines and as he was sitting there before
he got up to speak to these new missionaries he was staring at the
picture of the first vision where Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ. He said that he got the thought that Joseph Smith was
the most elect and prepared investigator because he was searching.
Then he said isn’t it cool to think that God the Father and his Son
Jesus Christ were the first missionaries of this dispensation…? Then
he paused and said alright Wa-Tac how does that make you feel about
your calling? Oh man I was sitting there in awe. What a cool thought
that is and even cooler to think how sacred it is that I get to hold
the calling of a missionary. This calling is so powerful and so
important and I don’t know how my Heavenly Father trusts me with such
a sacred calling. As a mission this month we are doing our own March
Madness PMG style… and we were asked to memorize 5 of our favorite
lines from the 1st chapter of PMG this week. One of the lines I
memorized was “Your calling gives you authority, keeping your
covenants gives you power.” I have really come to feel the power of my
calling over the last few months of my mission and I know that this
power comes from God. I love my mission so much and words can’t
express how grateful I will forever be to serve the people in
Washington and to have this opportunity to learn of my Savior and come
closer to him. I love you all! Hope you have a happy and SUNNY week!
Washington has been so sunny this week and I kinda feel like I’ve been
serving on another planet! SOOO GRATEFUL!!! Love you all!!

Sister Horgesheimer
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1. Well forget 6 months to sexy… We’ve revised it to 4 months to fat! Haha!
2. Exchanges with Chambers Creek Sisters
3. Mount Rainier