This is Kelli’s letter from last week that I forgot to post

Hey!!! 🙂
Another great week here in the blessed land of Tacoma! 🙂 Sister
Heaton and I have been working so hard this week and I honestly don’t
know if I’ve ever been so tired in my entire life! There has
definitely been a strength other than my own helping me through this
week! On Wednesday I had just gotten home after an exchange and we
were both so tired, neither of us could think straight. So we were
outside finding and we decided to take a break so we sat at the bus
stop and were filling out cards. About 5 minutes later
Heavenly Father placed a very elect guy named Steve in our path who
was super open and interested to learn more about the Book of Mormon.
That was such a tender mercy and I just know that Heavenly Father is
watching out for us at all times.

Jeremy is doing so well! Oh my gosh I love him so much and I can’t
even tell you how blessed I have been for this opportunity to teach
him. So he works on Sunday in retail so that is the busiest day of the
week for him at work. He knew he needed to talk to his boss to see if
he could do something about getting a few Sundays off a month so he
could get to church but he was way worried about it because his boss
isn’t the easiest to get along with. So we were praying for him all
week and helping him get the courage to ask his boss. On Saturday we
stopped by to see how it all went and he was just beaming with
excitement when he told us his boss was so willing to give him 2
Sundays off a month to allow him to come to church. He took that as
another witness that this gospel is true and that Heavenly Father is
always there for him. I have been reflecting on the scripture in 1
Nephi 3 7 all week and I know that it is true. There is not one
commandment that he is not going to be there to help us with. One of
my friends who went home a little while ago wrote me an email a few
weeks ago that hit me so hard. She said, ” The fulness of the gospel
of Jesus Christ is worth sacrificing for. Why? Because Heavenly
Father never asks us to give something up without promising us
something so much greater.” This is so true. Heavenly Father has
things so much greater in store for us if we put our trust in him and
follow him with a willing heart. The commandments are there to protect
us not to limit us! I hope you are all doing well! I love you!!
Sister Horgesheimer

Pictures are from MLC Training

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