Well made it through another week. It has been a good one so many cool
miracles everyday! I have such a testimony that the Lord puts us in
the right place at the right time! Every Friday morning we go serve
lunch at a women’s shelter and they warn us every time we walk in that
we can’t proselyte. So we always pray that a miracle will present
itself to us because we have no control of bringing the gospel up.
This week we had a worker come up to us and and ask all about our name
tags and all about our church. She just moved to Tacoma and has been
searching for a church that is right for her for so so long. We left her with our
card and invited her to our services and she was so happy to come try
it out!
On Thursday after knocking an apartment complex a cute girl walked out
of her car and we asked her if we could come back and teach her more
about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she said, “Wow are you serious?
I’ve been sitting in my car praying that I’d be led where God needed
me to be.” So we went back to teach her the next night and we put her
on date to be baptized on April 11th. Sadly she is YSA age so we had
to give her away to the AP’s but it was still so cool. I pray every
night that I’ll be able to be an answer to someone’s prayer in some
way or another and it was so cool being able to see that prayer be
fulfilled this week!
So many other miracles happened this week I wish I had more time to
tell them all… We had an amazing stake conference this weekend and
Elder Fallabella from the 70 came. He is the cutest general authority
ever and had the greatest sense of humor. The entire stake was
laughing during his entire talk yesterday. After the Saturday night
session he gathered all the missionaries together and told us the
secret for missionary work. We read Alma 19 together and talked about
the power that King Lamoni had on all those he met right after his
conversion. He told us to use our recent converts more in our teaching
because their testimonies are full of so much power and light. On
Sunday his talk was all about this principal. “Blessings don’t have
feet” Haha. He talked about how we must work to reach the blessings
that are sitting right in front of us. These blessing don’t move and
they are always constant. We need to exercise the Faith to just walk
up the stair case to obtain them. Our investigator Jeremy was at this
meeting and he loved this talk and loved the promised blessings that
he left with those who continued to be faithful. It was another great
weekend as I was so blessed to be in the presence of another general
authority and feel of his power. Well this is the week I’ve been
waiting a year for! We are going to the temple this Thursday and I
can’t even tell you how excited I am. You’ll hear all about it next
week I’m sure! I can’t wait! Have a great week! Love You!!!!
Love Sister Horgesheimer