Wow this week has been absolutely amazing! Probably one of the best
weeks so far. I have never been so happy in my entire life. I have
learned one of the most valuable lessons ever this week. Happiness
doesn’t depend on anything or anyone except yourself. If you want to
find happiness then you will, if you want to be miserable than you
will. I was reading through Alma this week and Ammon talks so much
about the joy he has received while in his service. I have truly felt
so much of that joy this week.

Jeremy is getting baptized this Thursday and he is soooo beyond ready
and excited for this day. He hasn’t smoked or had coffee in 2 weeks
and is just beaming with joy because of how his life is turning
around. He said that three people came up to him at work this week and
asked him what has changed so much in his life and what is making him
so happy. He told them that he had been meeting with the missionaries
and been coming closer to Christ and now 1 one his co workers has been
talking to the missionaries in Seattle. He is already becoming the
greatest missionary ever! 🙂 I love Jeremy so much!

Saturday was probably one of the greatest days of my life! So we spent
all afternoon cleaning up our potentials list and seeing who was truly
interested. We ended up dropping like 8 people which was kind of a
downer… We came home for dinner and after we ate we sat in front of
our map on our knees for a solid 20 minutes hoping to be led where we
needed to be for knocking 5 to 7s that night. We finally felt good
about a street in deep Tacoma… Talk about GHETTO!!! Haha. so we
literally knocked on 4 doors in 2 hours that night. The first guy we
met turns out to be the mailman who delivers our mail to the mission
office so he had lots of questions about what missionaries do. We got
talking about the plan of salvation and the purpose of this life and
it was so cool. We had our scriptures out and got to teach him a full
lesson on his doorstep. So we thought that was a miracle and then we
knocked on the next door and had a 45 min conversation with this guy
who has such a pure heart Wow. our conversation was so full of the
spirit as we were able to learn so much from each other. Then we
knocked on a less actives door and got them to come to church this
Sunday which was way cool. Then the last door didn’t answer. Haha! So
we are on our way back to the car and we both felt we needed to turn
left and take the long way around the block back so we did and we met
a lady who was at the mailbox in tears… We talked to her for a good
30 minutes and left her with a prayer. She just got diagnosed with
cancer for the 2nd time and had a really hard day… God places us
where we need to be so we can help lift our brothers and sister up. We
read through the BOM and testified of God’s love and hopefully left
her feeling a little better than when we found her.
Alright so we got in the car and saw we had 3 missed calls. We called
back and it was a bishop from Seattle giving us a referral. The
Seattle Elders were street contacting and found this girl Ashley at
the bus stop. She was praying that she’d be led to a church she needed
to go to and right when she opened her eyes the Elders were standing
right there. So we got her info and rushed to her house and right when
she opened the door she said, “wow that was fast” Haha. We went in and
found out that she is the most elect lady ever. She truly is amazing!
No words can be used to describe the miracles of this night. I am
still just in shock with how much God has placed in our lives all at
once!!! I LOVE THIS WORK!!! Can’t ever say that enough! This work
brings lots of disappointments at times but these few moments of pure
joy make it all worth it!

Sorry this is the longest email ever but I’ll just end by saying the
temple trip was definitely worth the wait! Right when I stepped in the
Spirit was so overwhelming and I feel like that spirit hasn’t left me
since! I think my biggest take away was being able to really
understand that the spirit speaks to us through thoughts that aren’t
your own. I love being able to recognize these promptings so clearly
in the temple. Can’t wait to be home so I can be in the temple more
often! Life is so great right now!!! Couldn’t be happier with
everything that’s been going on. Hope you guys are doing well and
finding joy every single day! LOVE YOU!!!
SIster Horgesheimer 🙂

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Pictures at the Seattle Temple

Pretty Tacoma Views

Serving lunch at the Homeless Shelter

Map of Where the US Open will be held in June.  It is right in Kelli’s neighborhood which will be blocked off so they will have special passes in order to get home!!