Hello Everyone!!!
HAPPY EASTER!!!! What a great weekend! Wow conference was sooo good. I
wish I had my ensign right now because so many of the talks have just
blended together but so many great highlights. I loved how much focus
their was on our Savior and his Atonement. The Blatters invited us
over to the mission home to watch the last session and it honestly
felt like a Superbowl party for conference. It was way to much fun. We
had candy everywhere, Sister Blatter made so much food! It was
awesome! The Wa-Tac got a shout out from Elder Pearsen and we were all
cheering so loud. Ha! I LOVE this mission so much!

So this week I have learned the lesson between the difference of a new
investigator and a “Tacoma New…” We have been knocking doors like
crazy, getting great referrals and we find awesome people on the
doorstep but we can never get in contact with them again after that…
We keep track of all our investigators on a white board so the joke of
the week is “our whiteboard is white all ready to harvest!” Haha. I
loved Elder Anderson’s talk yesterday about how we can see the Lord’s
hand in our world even in the midst of so much trial. We can’t lose
hope with so much good going on and I know the Lord’s hand is there
giving us our little miracles every day in preparation for hopefully a
big miracle in the future. We have so much faith in finding our
family. The lord is preparing us to find them and our whole ward is on
board. Last night we met with our Bishop and he gave us a great pep
talk about how we are going to accomplish this goal of finding our
family this transfer. We are having a ward fast and he has been
praying for the streets that we need to knock too. Family has
literally been the only thing on my mind this week and so Elder
Perry’s talk hit me hard on Saturday morning. He said, “Eternal
Families bring the world the most light.” It is so true. As
missionaries knocking on doors people can’t see first hand the light
of an eternal family right away so we have been reaching out to our
ward and talking to them about how important their examples to the
world are in our search for us to find a family to teach.

I love my Savior so much and I know I would be nothing without him. It
is so important that we keep our mind focused on him and on his
atonement always.Someone during conference said to focus your prayers
on the atonement and I have found so much strength in my life form
doing that. I hope you all got to see the Easter video “Because He
Lives.” I love the words at the end of the video and have felt so much
power as we have quoted it on almost every doorstep possible. “He is
here, no matter who you are, or who your were, He is here. No
exceptions, no lost causes. At all times, at all places He is here! He
rose on the third day, He lives today, Find Him Because He Lives.” I
love you all! Have a great week!

Love Sister Horgesheimer