Hello Again!!!
Well not to much happened this week just a lot of finding! So on
Thursday was another Park the car day. We have been having so many of
those lately… So Thursday night we were in a lesson in Tacoma with
Judy. We invited Jeremy to come with us and share a little bit of his
conversion story with Judy and it was one of the best lessons I’ve had
in a long long time! The spirit is always so strong when Jeremy bears
his testimony. He ended up teaching almost the whole Restoration while
sharing his experiences with the gospel and it turned out perfectly.
We were planning on going in there to read the BOM with her but the
spirit Jeremy brought with him through the conviction of his testimony
was amazing! He is literally the most elect investigator in the state
of Washington! I still can’t believe how well he taught after being a
member for only 2 weeks. So after the lesson we had a member lined up
to give us a ride home. We finished teaching by 9 15 and we walked
down the street with Jeremy to wait for our ride. About 30 minutes
past and still no one came. We called and texted and no answer so we
called around to a few other people and no one answer so we ended up
even calling President and Sister Blatter but not even they answered.
So by about 9 55 our ride finally pulled up. She said her phone was on
zero percent battery and our of no where it flipped on for about a
half a second and she saw a missed call from us then remembered we
needed a ride. What a miracle! Haha. We were about ready to walk home
but Jeremy wouldn’t let us walk through Tacoma at night alone so he
waited with us the whole time! It was a cool little miracle! šŸ™‚

Alright so people always ask us on our missions what is the craziest
thing that you’ve experienced so far and this week I think I found the
winner of the entire 18 months. Oh my gosh I laugh every time I think
about it. I can’t believe this happened. Haha! So we are knocking on
doors on Saturday afternoon and this lady opens the door and we start
talking then she asked me what is wrong with my eye. She thought i got
soap in it… Ha. So I explained the whole story about being visual
impaired and she says “Wow well God has blessed me with the gift of
healing do you care if I try my magic gift on you?” Oh my so I had no
idea what to say… Sister Heaton had to step of the porch at this
point cause she was laughing so hard and I was just like, Alright sure
why not. Haha so she puts her hand on my face and for a solid 5
minutes she was just whispering and mumbling. I have no idea what she
was saying but all i know is it definitely wasn’t English. So
literally after 5 minutes she was finally done and I open my eyes and
she’s like “SOOO are you healed?” and I was trying soooo hard not to
just lose it laughing and just standing there having no idea what to
say. AWKWARD!!!
This is why I love knocking doors because you always get the funniest
stories without fail. Haha! Good times! šŸ™‚
Another funny story happened on the elevator on our way into the
library just a few minutes ago. So it was a full elevator and this
huge lady looks over, read our name tags slowly steps back towards the
wall and just started yelling at us. CULT CULT CULT!!! Haha she ran
off the elevator so fast with her hands in the air still yelling and
the whole elevator was laughing so hard! I love being a missionary
especially during these times!

So I had a cool realization yesterday while we were texting to confirm
all our appointments. Everyone was so flaky and it was making me so
mad. They all had to cancel or reschedule and I was sitting there
thinking, you know Heavenly Father loves them all no matter how flaky
they may be. Then I got to thinking how I am sometimes one of Heavenly
Father’s flaky children. I’m not as sincere in my prayers as I should
be, sometimes I don’t follow his promptings the way he would like me
to but yet he still loves me unconditionally and is always patient
with me. It was a huge realization of how I need to being seeing
everyone I talk to through Heavenly Father’s eyes. I need to be
showing unconditional love and I myself need to be working even harder
to show my Heavenly Father how much I appreciate him for the blessings
and miracles he has placed in my life, even when I feel that I don’t
deserve them. I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all!!! šŸ™‚
Love Sister Horgesheimer


Kelli’s Zone

I AM SO EXCITED FOR BRAEDON AND AUSTIN!!! Such cool mission calls! Wow
the West Indies will be sooo pretty! And Chile will be so cool as
well! Glad I get to see Austin at least! Kinda bummed I’m missing