Hey!! 🙂
Hope you guys have had a great week! I love you all so much! Well
another great week in Soundview! I’m gonna be honest not one teaching
appointment went through with an investigator this week which has been
super hard for me to stay positive but I have been learning so much
that it has made all the disappointment worth it. Some way cool
miracles happened this week though that I am so thankful for.

So we were knocking on Thursday and met the coolest lady ever!!! We
got talking and she was explaining a dream she had a few years ago.
She literally was explaining the tree of life word for word just as
Lehi describes it. She said she had talked to missionaries about this
dream that she had a few years ago right when it happened but she just
hasn’t been able to get it off her mind the past few months. Wow my
jaw was on the floor as she was explaining this whole experience. The
spirit is preparing people in the coolest ways.

I got to go on exchanges with my MTC companion Sister Smith this week
and it was one of the funnest exchanges I’ve had so far. We have both
grown and improved so much since the MTC and it was such a blessing to
really see it within ourselves first hand. We taught the Restoration
all the way through like 3 times together and every time we finished
we got in the car and just thought if only we could have done that in
the MTC. Our MTC teachers would have been so proud.

Some more exciting news. Jeremy got called to be the assistant Ward
mission leader in our ward and i have never been so proud in my entire
life! Jeremy couldn’t even contain his excitement over the phone as he
was telling us all about his interview with the bishop this week. I’m
soooo beyond happy for him. We went and did family history together
this week and we found 5 names for him to take to the temple on May
1st. The best news is that President gave us permission to go with him
to take these names through so that is going to be the best day ever.

We had so many solid people who we found this week who dropped us or
didn’t show up for the next lesson… One of those people was a non
member husband of a family whose kids just got baptized and we were
soooo excited to begin teachinng him. I have been praying and planning
for his lesson all week that was supposed to happen last night. They
texted us like 20 minutes before and said they weren’t going to be
home and that they weren’t sure when they’d be home in the next few
weeks either…. So we got the hint there…. But anyways, we had been
planning a lesson all around “God is our Loving Heavenly Father” I
had read so many good talks on how we aren’t sent here to walk alone,
about prayer and finding the true relationship we have as children of
God with our Father. The whole week I felt that I was being led to
specific talks and scriptures that were perfect for this lesson for
him. Last night Sister Heaton and I were talking and venting all of
our frustration from the week and I got the thought that I need to
remember to LIVE what I teach. Everything on our lesson plan for this
non member husband was exactly what I needed to remind myself of in
this time of discouragement. “I am not sent here to walk alone”
Prayer, believing that I am a daughter of a loving heavenly Father…
etc. This lesson plan was exactly what heavenly father was preparing
for ME. I know he lives and his love is around us always. I have felt
his love this week more than ever and I am so thankful for all of the
tender mercies that have been apart of my life the last few weeks.
Thank you so much for all the love and the prayers! I have truly felt
them over the last 15 months and can’t even begin to thank you enough
for the strength that I’ve received from you! Have another great week!
Love, Sister Horgesheimer

adams center IMG_3848

The Women Shelter where we work every week

Smith and I–  My MTC Companion