Hey Everyone! πŸ™‚
Much much better week! We have been so blessed this week and have seen
the Lord’s hand involved in our work every single day. I have learned
to never take a miracle for granted the last few weeks. No miracle is
ever a small miracle in our lives, and after such a slow start to the
transfer things are finally picking up again.

So we decided to re-knock Jeremy’s apartment complex this week and we
knocked on his next door neighbor’s door and at first she opened the
door saying she wasn’t interested but we got talking more and more and
left her with a Restoration pamphlet and were able to set up a return
appointment. We called to confirm the appointment and she had an
emergency come up and had to cancel but she said she read over the
pamphlet and loved it and has a whole list of questions written down
and that she can’t wait to come to our church next Sunday. Then later
that night she texted us and said, “there have been so many church
groups that have stopped at my door the last few months but there is
something different about you two girls. I know the Lord sent you to
me.” This text made our week! πŸ™‚ We are so excited to meet with her.
Jeremy’s entire complex is gonna be baptized in no time! πŸ™‚

Then another night we decided to re knock a street in University
Place. This is usually a horrible idea because the people there
usually aren’t very humble but we just decided to do it. So we start
knocking and Sister Heaton out of no where said we are crossing the
street, we need to go knock the other side. We skipped like 15 houses
but the one we finally decided to knock on was a Lutheran lady who
said she is so tired of going to church to just sit on the bench and
listen. She said she has always felt that there is more to church and
that she is looking for more of a connection with God. We had a good
30 minute conversation about the Restoration and how you can find
answers to prayers and by the end she promised us she’d give us a call
in a few weeks.. I left that situation feeling so blessed that Sister
Heaton was so in tune with the spirit. This is something I’ve been
focusing on all week. Just letting the spirit guide every decision
even if it is super inconvenient at the time.

We found a great guy named J this week who is super elect. We
went over with our bishop’s wife on Saturday and taught the
Restoration to him. We were talking about how it is the prophet’s job
to teach Jesus Christ’s gospel to the world and how the gospel
consists of Faith, Repentance, Baptism… right after we said the word
Baptism he stopped us right in the middle of our sentence and said
“WHAT I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED!!” Haha so it was game over on finishing
the restoration after that. We talked about baptism and what he has to
do to prepare and put him on date for May 10th. We have another lesson
tonight and are hoping to finish the Resto and help him be truly
converted to the restored gospel not just to the idea of being
baptized. Haha! He is great!

Keep Sister Heaton’s brother Spencer in your prayers this week. He is
in the ICU right now with some heart problems and could use all the
prayers he can get! She is literally the strongest person I know and
is doing so well as she has been dealing with so much right now. I
love you guys! Have a happy week!! πŸ™‚
Love Sister Horgesheimer

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We hunted down the ice cream truck on Monday while knocking! Haha
Trees in Washington