Hey!! 🙂
This has probably been the fastest week of my mission (probably
because it has been the greatest week ever.) I feel like I was
emailing like 2 days ago Ha. I hate how much time has been speeding up

So I have a funny story from exchanges on Tuesday. I got to leave my
area again this week and spend a day with Sister Baldwin and we had
the greatest time together. We were knocking doors and this guy
answers his door wearing BYU sweatpants so I asked him about it and he
was like What is BYU? Haha. So we explained what BYU was and he said,
“well it’s probably no coincidence that you knocked on my door while I
was wearing these random sweats so I should probably let you come back
so I can learn what this is all about.” Haha so we got a return
appointment and I’m way excited to hear how it goes for those sisters.
It was pretty funny!

Thursday was the best day ever because we got to go to the temple with
Jeremy, Stephanie (another recent convert that the elders just
baptized), and the Soundview Elders came with us too! Oh my gosh
Jeremy and Stephanie loved every second of it! I have never seen them
so happy before. It was such a special experience because a few people
from our ward came and staffed the baptistery so we got to have the
entire place to ourselves. SOO different than going to the temple in
Utah. We each got to do 15 names and afterwards we had time to just
sit and feel the spirit and have a mini testimony like meeting! This
is an experience I will never forget. The spirit is so powerful in the
temple! The countdown is on for when we all get to go through the
temple together in a year! We are all looking forward to it!

This week I’ve been pondering a lot on the scripture in Mathew 9 37
that says, “the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few.” I’ve
been trying to gain more faith in this promise that is given in the
scriptures and have been looking for the faith that there are many
prepared people out there waiting for us to find them. While sitting
in the temple I also felt that this scripture applies just as well to
temple work because there is soooo much work that is waiting to be
done. I can’t wait to be able to get to the temple again much more
often when I get home and continue in helping this great work move
forward in that way. I know this work is true!
I LOVE YOU ALL! Can’t wait to see you next Sunday! 🙂 XOXOXO
Love, Sister Horgesheimer

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