Hey!! 🙂
I love Mother’s day so much and feel so blessed to be apart of the
most amazing family in the world! I love you all and hope you had a
great rest of the day! Sooo much fun talking to you guys! I LOVE YOU

Sister Heaton and I had a super fun last week together. We got the
news late Saturday night that she was leaving and we are so sad about
it. I will never be able to thank Sister Heaton enough for all the
good times we’ve had together and for the many lessons and insights
I’ve learned from being together the past 12 weeks. So I am the only
one of 4 missionaries staying in the Soundview ward so it’s gonna be a
fun week filling 3 new missionaries in on the work that’s been
happening here and helping them learn the area. My new companion is
Sister Lomu and I’m way excited to get to know her.

We went split knocking so much this week and it was such a fun time.
There are two cute girls who just opened mission calls to Tonga and
Australia    and so we have split up and gone knocking together all
week. They are going to be amazing missionaries.

Yesterday morning we woke up at 5 45 to go decorate the mission home
for Sister Blatter for mother’s day with some other sisters and that
was great. We doorbell ditched them at 6 30 until they answered and
Sister Blatter was so happy when she walked downstairs. We sidewalk
chalked the entire road and left flowers, chocolate, ice cream and
some other cute stuff. I think President was pleased. Haha. Then last
night we had a little ward music fireside and it was one of the most
powerful firesides I’ve ever been too. Sister Heaton sang and the
elders in our ward all played the piano and the cello. It was AMAZING!
I have never heard anything so beautiful in my life!

We had the best mission leadership council on Thursday all about
becoming more baptismal focused. I have been so motivated to baptize
and it has been great having this on my mind non stop since. (We have
been able to put 2 people on date on the doorstep this week because of
this training. So crazy. Never thought that was even possible a few
months ago!) We are excited to give trainings this week and help the
whole mission become more baptismal focused. I’ve also been studying
so much about Charity this week and have decided that it is going to
be my new transfer goal and something that I can focus on to tie my
whole mission together. Reading through the definition of Charity is
so overwhelming just because of how much is involved in this little
word.(Moroni 7 45-47) I think the thing I’ve learned most from Sister
Heaton is that the Lord requires a lot from us but HE NEVER ASKED US
TO DO IT ALONE. I have learned that Charity truly is a gift from God
that can be received though prayer, grace, and closely following our
Savior’s example.

Have a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!
Love Sister Horgesheimer

IMG_3933 IMG_3916 IMG_3921 IMG_3954

Chalking the Mission Home
We ran the Tacoma Narrows Bridge this morning! SO much fun!

I will miss Sister Heaton!!!