Hey!! 🙂
It has been another good week here in Washington. Sadly it’s been
super rainy again but oh well… Transfers were so sad this week
leaving Sister Heaton but I am LOVING Sister Lomu. She is an amazing
missionary and we have been working hard. She is from Utah but her
family is from Tonga so she grew up speaking Tongan. She has served in
Tacoma for almost her entire mission so she has been so happy to be
back in the city. I love her so much already and am excited for the
next 6 weeks.

Not a whole lot happened this week. Just a lot of finding again and a
lot of people who no showed for their appointments. We did have a cool
experience while knocking doors this week though. It was a super wet
night and we had just gotten kicked out of the apartment complex we
were knocking so we were kind of in a bad mood from that and went to
go finish knocking somewhere else. We were walking down the street and
we felt that we should cross the street to finish the other side and
we met a lady who answered the door in tears. She was a single mom who
was struggling financially and was just super overwhelmed and stressed
about her teenage daughter. So after talking to her and sharing a
comforting scripture about our Savior’s ability to lift our burdens
her whole attitude changed and she was visually feeling much better
about things. Sadly she canceled our return appointment this weekend
but I have been thinking a whole lot about my true purpose as a
missionary. This week I spent one of my lunch hours looking through
all my old planners and reading through names of people who we found
who never progressed. At first I sat there thinking about how much
time I’ve wasted checking up and contacting the same people over and
over who never answered or weren’t interested. then I thought about
it a little harder and realized that truly no effort is ever wasted.
Our purpose is to administer Christ’s love to everyone that we meet
and to hopefully leave them happier than they were when we first found
them. I know that my heart has been changed from talking with so many
different people and learning and hearing about their lives and I hope
their heart has been touched from the words that we have shared with
them also. This work is so much more than we can comprehend. This work
is eternal and it is truly is so much more then just knocking on
doors. This work is about helping people prepare to live with God again and
experience never ending joy with him. I love the people I’ve been able
to cross paths with in Washington and am eternally thankful for the
person each one of them has helped me become. Have a great week
everyone! I LOVE YOU!!!

Love Sister Horgesheimer

DSC_0675 DSC_0680 DSC_0637 DSC_0643 DSC_0636

The pictures are all from transfer meeting.  Kelli was so sad to leave Sister Heaton (thus the looks in the picture) but gained Sister Lomu who she loves. Sister Lomu and Kelli have been hitting the basketball hoops every night after planning meeting.