I love my mission so very much! We had the coolest miracle last night
that was well needed after another pretty slow week of finding! So we
were on our way to an appointment that ended up falling through and as
we were walking back to our car we saw a lady who was struggling to
get her groceries up the stairs so we ran over told her we were
missionaries and asked if we could help. She then said, “oh are you
the girls who I slammed the door on 2 weeks ago…?” Haha So I said
Yep… But don’t worry it happens every day so don’t worry about it.
She felt way bad for how she acted but we quickly moved past that and
helped her carry all her groceries up and put them away. This poor
lady could barely make it up the stairs. We were all in her kitchen
and she began to tell us her story. She has been battling cancer for
the last 4 months and the Chemo has made her so weak. She said she had
just gotten the news last week that she probably wouldn’t be around to
much longer and she said she hasn’t been able to get it off her mind
ever since and she is so scared of the unknown of what will happen to
her when she dies. She was in tears which caused Sister Lomu and I to
both start crying as well. I was honestly just crying because of how
humbled I was that Heavenly Father placed this PERFECT opportunity
right in our path to teach the plan of Salvation to someone with such
an open heart. It was AMAZING!! We didn’t have a ton of time and so we
set up an appointment to go back next week and go through the entire
lesson. I know it is no coincidence that we ran into her and I know
she knows that too! Such a blessing it is to witness these incredible
miracles as a missionary and see so many hearts changed or softened
through the spirit.

We had such a fun Memorial Day yesterday with the Tacoma and Lakewood
zones. We had a BBQ and then had the basketball and volley ball
tournaments going on. So all the Sisters were playing volley ball
expect my companion. She was just schooling all the Elders in
Basketball and it was hilarious. I love Sister Lomu! 🙂

We also had interviews this week with President Blatter and we had a
great talk about ways that I can sprint to the finish of my mission.
He had such good advice which I was so grateful for. He told me to
make a list of all the things I want to accomplish before I get home
but he told me I’m only allowed to include things on that list that I
can control. I realized that I’ve been stressing myself out these
last few months with so much that is out of my control and it is doing
nothing for me excepet slowing me down. I’ve been studying Ether this
week and I love the last words that Ether writes where he says, “It
mattereth not.” From that I have learned that I need to just let go
and trust that everything is in the Lords hands and it honestly
doesn’t matter what happens as long as I keep my trust and focus on
Jesus Christ and just remember that everything is all in his hands. We
never have a need to worry because we have someone a lot higher then
us who is in control. I love you all! Have another great week!
Love, Sister Horgesheimer

IMG_3986 IMG_3995 IMG_3999

Massive Izzy the Dog 🙂 Ha
Sister Lomu and I
The most beautiful sunset ever!!!

Part of Kelli’s Letter Home

THANK YOU SO MUCH for for the two packages this week. Wow it was so
crazy to see Gehring back in the Wa-Tac again. Those cinnamon rolls
were soo good! Lomu is also loving them also Haha. This week has been
so tiring emotionally physically spiritually… Ugh it’s been a little
stressful just because I want to end my mission as strong as possible
and not a lot is going on no matter how hard we work. It is just
killing me because the Elders in our ward are finding sooo much
success and I just don’t get it. They’ve only been here 2 weeks! Ugh.
We had park day and the entire ward was traveling so we couldn’t get
rides from anyone so we walked every where and my feet still haven’t
recovered. I am such a spoiled missionary it is ridiculous. Let’s just
say those treats came at the perfect time. Heavenly Father has placed
so many cool little miracles along my path this week and I thought you
guys might like this one. We were walking back to our car after a long
day of knocking and we saw this guy walking down the street so we
crossed and ended up having a good 45 minute convo with him about
life. He is in such a low place right now. After talking we all said a
prayer together and as I bowed my head I saw the name Rich engraved on
the sidewalk right under me. I took that as another cool little
reminder that I am not out here alone and that there are many more
people around us lifting us up at all times then we will ever be able
to comprehend. It reminded me of the scripture in D&C 84 88. It was a
cool moment.
So glad you guys had a fun weekend and so one died of hypothermia from
the freezing lake. Can’t believe school is almost out! Super excited
for everyone! I love you Mom and yes prayers will be coming your way
on Sat. Haha the members we lived with have been having some crazy HS
parties and it has reminded me a lot of home! I love it! LOVE YOU!!!


This picture was sent to us from Sister Hailey Gehring, Kelli’s old mission companion.  She went back to Washington and visited Kelli and took her a package from home.  Wanted to include Kelli’s letter home just as a reminder how hard missionary work can be at times 🙂 Rich is a family name.  She was referring to her Great Grandpa and Grandma Rich in this letter.